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70 days ago
Best pro ever. Just wish it was something besides foo fighters.
1 year ago
I loved this game. It is my favorite Stern Pro machine. Normally I want to play premium but took a chance to play this and was blown away. It has everything I want. Drop targets on the left, a right upper flipper that shoots into a ramp, great shot variation and the upper hole that reminds me of Lord of the Rings. I have been to three Rush concerts as my brother in law is a huge fan. If you like Rush, you will probably love this machine. I would take this over a Godzilla or Jurassic Park pro in a heartbeat. But then the music is familiar. About
1 year ago
This game looks beautiful and the artwork is simply amazing. The playfield looks cheap compared to the premium. It shoots smooth, but just did not keep my attention. It is probably worth the upgrade to get a premium if you are looking for a home machine. I became bored after three games. I like Elwin and own a Godzilla. Godzilla has received rave reviews, but it is just missing something. Beautiful machine but just lacking in playability.
1 year ago
It is an enjoyable game. I do like the Green Godzilla, it works for me. There are a lot of different shots in this game. The building mech does little for me. Feels very gimmicky. IM and JP are preferable games over this. Think I like the play of Avengers better than this, although this has better toys. All that being said, still a great game because it is Elwin. It plays extremely smooth.
2 years ago
I’m not a huge Led Zepllim fan but besides the artwork, this is one of the nest games I’ve ever played. It plays super smooth, the shots are satisfying and the rising toy in the center is awesome. The third flipper shot is hard but satisfying. I do not like the artwork. Cabinet and back glass is the worst I’ve ever seen. Only fault I can find with with this game. Brilliantly designed and great gameplay. If you are a Zeppelim fan, this game is a must!
2 years ago
This game creeps me out. The demagorgon is just weird. Don't like the theme at all. But this game is fun and playable. Love the projectors and the center ramp is just awesome. Love the 4 drop targets in the center. The ramps are smooth for me. Save for the theme, I could play this game for hours. Not sure why it gets all the hate, except for that theme just doesn't work. But if you like Stranger Things the TV show, this machine is for you.
2 years ago
Play-wise, this may be the best pinball machine ever made. It is smooth, there are a lot of amazing shots and a ton of fun to play. The left flipper is great, the shots are smooth and the best ramps ever. Big gripe is it does not do its theme well. Jurassic Park has the T-Rex and the Raptor Pen. Elvira has the haunted house and the campy videos for example. Both do their theme quite well. Subway? Dr. Strange's spinning disc? What is this? Had heard this was supposed to be a TMNT and that would make more sense. The yellow does not work well for me on the LE. Plus LE and premium artwork are the same. If you love playing pinball and don't care about themes and colors, this game is awesome! I want to play it over and over. It just misfires on the theme integration and coloring. Play it if you get a chance though, because the play is downright amazing.
2 years ago
The game is very smooth. Super fun to play! If I owned it would easily be my favorite machine. Not a huge fan of the artwork, too much Thanos. If you want glitz and glam, buy Guns n Roses. If you want a machine that just plays phenomenal, this is it. Can’t wait to try the premium!
4 years ago
This game ticks me off. In a great way! The game ends and I want more. Always feels like I could have done better. Love the voices, the taunting is supreme. The sound is great, it never gets boring.
4 years ago
This is for the X-Men Magneto version. I love the X-Men movies but this game, not so much. The machine is very dark, the artwork just doesn't do it for me. The game played very clunky.
4 years ago
Love this game! The beer theme is great, along with the carnival atmosphere. Lots of shot variations . Don’t like the music, it is boring and annoying. I love this machine, but live in the KC area and the local dealer is heavily into Stern. So I bought a Jurassic Park LE instead. But I enjoyed playing the Oktoberfest more. Highly underrated!
4 years ago
Not a fan of this game. The upper play field is poorly designed. No fun factor at all for me.
4 years ago
I loved playing this game but can see where it might get boring. It was refreshing and nostalgic. Not a lot of rules, just flip the ball around. Would be a great beginner game.
4 years ago
This is one of the best games ever made, just poor artwork. The back glass is a bit of a travesty. The game play is amazing. My girlfriend absolutely loves this game. I bought the iPad version just to be able to play it all the time. Not as good as the real thing, but this is a great game.
4 years ago
Big KISS fan and I love this game! I had played it previously and the playability was just ok. With the updated 1.41 code, it is flipping awesome. Loved it so much I just bought one.
4 years ago
Very fun game to play. The artwork is really poor. Porr enough I don't want to play the machine, even though the playability is excellent. Love the music!
4 years ago
The look, the sound and the feel of this game are great. The fun factor seemed to be lacking. This machine would look great in any collection, it is gorgeous! Just have difficulty wanting to play it much.
4 years ago
This is one of my all time favorite games. Love the theme, love the music, love the playability. I am a Star Trek fan to be sure, but original series. I hesitated to even play this game when it first came out because of my love for the original series. But really enjoyed it. Then I had a chance to play it again recently, and wow, this is one amazing machine!
4 years ago
This game looks amazing. I had difficulty enjoying it. Difficult to put my finger on it. Played it a few times and did not like the playability. Great theme, great artwork. Maybe I will try it again and have a different opinion.
4 years ago
This is a very fun game. Love the pop up trolls. The shots to make the castle explode are great. The ramps are fun. The rule set is easy to understand. My girlfriend plays pinball and this is one of her 2 favorite games.
4 years ago
This game looks great, played well at first, but after a while got a bit boring. I love drop targets and thought this would be an amazing machine. You shoot the ball and it circles around the top to an upper flipper. Just seems like you need more action when you pull the plunger. Awesome game to play a few times then just lost interest. If I were a Beatles fan maybe it would be different? They have great music, they just need to play the entire song!
4 years ago
I played this when I was a kid. Loved it so much I bought one last year. This machine my favorite EM machine and one of my favorites of all time. I love drop targets, so this really works for me. It has simple, easy to follow rules and the playability is perfect for me.

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