Reunited with Party Zone after almost 20 Years

By kckyle

April 09, 2020

50 days ago

When I was in my teens my friends and I would hang out at the local convenience store. They always had a pinball maching and we played for hours. In 1992 they had a Party Zone and I thought it was a really fun game. Years later around 2001 I convinced my boss that a pinball machine would be good for morale and he let me choose the machine so I picked Party Zone. We had a blast playing it after hours at the office. It reminded me of my teenage years. In 2020 I found out my old boss still had that Party Zone Pinball and I was able to buy it. I hadn't seen a party zone pinball machine in about 18 years and when I first saw it and heard the sounds a flood of memories of good times came rushing in. It really put a huge smile on my face. I'm going to try and hang onto this one!

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