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10 months ago
This game is more fun than it looks!
My uncle owned this game in the 90’s and my buddies and I played it until we wore out the flippers. Even then, I found the cabinet art lame (bordering on silly). Kind of a female Rambo theme. The playfield was really fun for the time. Sniper stand-ups, good ramp shot, a mech, and the helicopter spinner shot was fun. The sound effects were actually good.
Not sure it would last long compared to today’s games or those great late 90’s games. That said, in a larger collection or someone entering the hobby finds one cheap, it is fun “80’s pinball.”
1 year ago
Outstanding game. I have owned the game 4 months and we absolutely love it.

Be prepared to have the hood up often for fixes and repairs! This is especially if you have the moving T-Rex head, but like a Ferrari, constant maintenance comes with the territory. We've had the glass off this game more than any game we've ever owned. If you are not prepared to work on it, be sure to have someone available to repair it!

That said, the layout, the scoring, traveling the island to capture dinosaurs... It is an awesome game! The shots are amazing with great flow. It is probably the best use of a third flipper to ever be used. So many options for shots, strategy, while not being complicated. The moving T-Rex head has the 'wow-factor,' while the layout ensures it is a keeper.

I believe this is one of the top games ever made. It can appear like a plain play-field, but it uses every sq. inch of space for fun. T-Rex Events, Control Room Events, the Raptor Cage all add dynamics and great scoring options in addition to capturing dinosaurs as you are the new 'Game Warden' for Jurassic Park. The kids and buddies love this one.
1 year ago
Wow! What a fun game. Almost walked by this one and ended up playing for hours. Brought my son and uncle over and everyone really liked this game. Cool theming, battling the knight, and great modes. I want to own this one someday.

I then went and watched streams etc. I see even more that I like. Wizard modes look great, as well as the the other models (premium looks awesome with upper playfield). I appreciate that you can turn off the heavy metal for a traditional soundtrack theme if desired, though we did really like the heavy metal theme and groove. It could be a rush, particularly on multi-ball.

Overall, the playfield is fairly basic, but it is just a ton of fun. A fantastic job incorporating theme. It is like a dark heavy metal medieval madness jam. Fast rock n' roll fun.
1 year ago
I think there must be a connection to the theme on this one. For those who love the WD show, maybe they would like this pin. I did not enjoy it near as much as the other games I've played (both older and newer). I put in a lot games on location based on so many positive reviews. It never grew on me and I would never own one.

Toys or gimmicks were non-existent. The ramps would roll back on my 3/5 shots. Ball times were LONG, and I'm not that good. Seemed like a flat and stale world under glass. With older dot animation and AM radio sound, I was honestly confused on how this has such good reviews. A good game if the theme resonates, but there are so many better games, particularly newer Sterns.
1 year ago
I really enjoy this game. My parent's have owned it for years and I probably have 400+ plays.
That said, it is a HARD game! The shots are tight. TIGHT. I find I can only complete the Black Widow ramp 1/4 times I hit the ramp will it actually go all the way up. Hawk-eye orbit is 1/3. With being so tough, it makes it a challenge. However, it is really difficult to complete the modes without reducing difficulty-setting.

For my kids and family, it remains a keeper. They love the theme, Hulk multi-ball is a blast, it is enjoyable to try assembling the Avengers. The call-outs have some humor and don't get old. Music and lights are solid. For me, I'm ready to sell or trade it, but the kids want it bolted to the floor. Worth owning one, but would be a very difficult game on location.

Quality has been positive, except some plastic pieces breaking, including the Tesseract breaking twice. But usually, can just walk up and play.
1 year ago
How would I describe this game? Walking up and playing feels like a 90’s Bally/Williams original theme like Tales of the Arabian Nights or Theatre of Magic, but with an amazing light show and multiple interactive digital screens. Don’t plan on nudging like many newer games. DI is solid, quality-built, bright, and loaded.

This is a fun and versatile game. Home owner for 4 months now. I find it appeals to the kids and it is the preferred game for my wife. We particularly enjoy the selfies for high scores. I really like the ‘Daily High Score’ mode for kids and guests. That allows newbies a chance to put their name in and get a picture as it resets daily.

It is a city disaster theme, set to current pop Americana. Smart phones, selfies, emoji’s, drones (that actually spin), it is a snap-shot of today’s trends.

The shots are smooth. Anyone who gets their shots dialed in (yeah, I just did that), particularly the 3rd flipper will love hitting the SIM Card and station 3 ramp. The theater is cool as it is sometimes a spider, drone, or will become a virtual pop up target or spinner (complete with sounds). Hitting Big Bang can be a rush.

Not mentioned much are the magnets. Many a guest has been very wowed by the magnet action with the ball literally going crazy or stopping in place.

It is Jersey Jack so the monitor, sounds quality, LED’s etc. are excellent. Great choice for our very busy household. Kids, the grandparents, and buddies all play and enjoy different elements of this game.
1 year ago
A classic. Bolted to my parent's game room floor. Having played the game for 5+ years, there are certainly things about the game that could be improved or we would complain about. That said, it is an amazing game. The first time I saw it I thought it was a work of art. My parents and friends agree they will never get rid of that game. It is amazing to display and play.

The screen, sounds, world under glass are gorgeous. Kids, adults, and seniors hop on to play. For a time, we found the game pretty difficult and the rules hard to follow. A few YouTube videos solved that. The short orbit shots are very tough to hit, but rewarding and fun (especially the Wizard). It does feel like we're going to the center a lot, but the two upper play-fields are very cool. I would rank a little higher on toys, etc, but we have had some pretty significant maintenance costs. We had to disable the flying monkey to make the game work. Still, it gets played every time there is a gathering.
1 year ago
I enjoy Iron Man. It is just a fast paced fun game. I notice the kids like to play it the most of the pins we have available (which includes WOZ). You can't beat the Monger-Robot raising up in the play field to kick off a multi-ball. It is always exciting. Good sound effects, nice ramp shots, and rules are easy to follow. It is not an epic game, but if you had multiple pins, this is a good shooter to have in a collection for the price. The voice instructions are really good and little things like the War Machine cannon launch really change the rhythm and match the theme of Iron Man.