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4 years ago
This is a superlative pinball machine.

Simply magic; it ended being an instant classic
4 years ago
It is a mundane machine with limited lastability.

Very over rated machine.
4 years ago
Multiball is the only highlight of this game.

Could have been so much more but ended up being a major disappointment
4 years ago
Great theme and with the new code it is no longer a ramp monster.
4 years ago
Interesting theme but the game does not grab me.
4 years ago
While it is a fun theme; it does not compare to IJ.

It gets old very quickly.
4 years ago
On the 7th day Williams made IJ The Pinball Adventure.
4 years ago
I was really looking forward to this but it has no lasting gameplay.

Basically a wooden box with terrible artwork.
6 years ago
Great fun and the theme blends in well with the play