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2 years ago
Houdini is an awesome pin entry by American and deserves to be among the best. The artwork is beautiful. Gameplay is fun, and went away wanting more. this was better than most i have experienced.
2 years ago
Could this be the one? Frankly, MM should be re evaluated now by all who have played the new tables that have raised the bar a bit.
I enjoyed playing IM and went away feeling this was a knock out of the Park machine in every aspect.
6 years ago
Only played a couple of games as it was a buck a credit where I was,but this was enough to open my eyes on what Pinball can be. The fact this game is not #1 and is not even in the top 5 is baffling. WOZ breathes fresh air into the design in a new innovative way. To me this is called a benchmark and can only be outdone it seems by themselves.
6 years ago
This game left a bad taste in my mouth that only a beer could cure.
6 years ago
Good pin with some challenging shots and good multiball. Great to see Stern churn out a winner!
6 years ago
Was at Ground Kontrol in Portland and played this game 2/13 /14 and was amazed by the fun and flow of this Pin. The variation was also stellar in keeping one coming back for more.
It was loud in the place as it was packed, so I will rate the sound and music more next time I play in a quieter environment. For now I stand blown away!
6 years ago
Nothing really stands out to me so far on this. Have one at the Bowling Alley up the street so there will be a few more tries to up this score.
6 years ago
Metallica is an over rated pin IMO,but seem to have garnered a significant fan base. I grew up with these bands and as a drummer played along to their music for over 30 years. The pin did not leave me wanting more after dumping about $15.00 in it.So many people rating this higher than MM its ridiculous as there is no comparison,not even in the same league.
6 years ago
This is a classic machine that is a keeper. This is a great theme that probably inspired games like MB in it's campyness. Rule set is not too easy,and Skull and Ramp shots are fun. Going for the 4 Mil. in 20 seconds is rewarding if you can hit it in time. Won't be letting go of mine anytime soon!
6 years ago
This should be in top 3. I don't see justification of Attack From Mars being higher.
6 years ago
Own this pin and enjoy all aspects including glove and matrix. Really pops with LED , lightning fast pin which is a super challenge to beat / reach Power Down mode.
6 years ago
Dark Knight needs to be ranked higher IMO. From the Crane shots to the Joker to the Commissioner this game keeps you playing again and again
6 years ago
Best Pin I have played thus far. The custom table at Disney near the Indy attraction is one of the finest I've played also.
6 years ago
Twilight Zone is a good game,but doesn't stand out as much as others with lower scores.
6 years ago
Game is good and hitting drop targets to destroy alien ship is cool. I feel though that there are other games that better represent this spot.
6 years ago
Yeah, this is an addictive one. Haven't come close to all Castles yet. Don't own it but no one should be surprised at the price of this game as most top 20+ pins are running around 5k. One would hope its the Pubs and Arcades attempting to revive an alternative to the stale video game market. If it is private owners driving these prices,thats pretty pathetic IMO.
7 years ago
Had a chance to play this again and improved my score. Very solid game,fun and challenging.