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7 years ago
Metallica is a good game that have some very unique and interesting qualities to it but it still only lasted less than year in my collection.


-Great artwork
-Great toys(Sparky in particular)
-Inline drop targets (love em)
-4 great main multiball modes with well thought out rules
-Good Skill shot rules. Going for Super skilshot is hard and rewarding
-Stacking rules(could have been even broader than it is) and going for 2x, 4x etc. You can even stack mystery awards
-Crank it up: Probably one of the best bunch of mini wizard modes ever, along with TSPP. Almost all 4 of them is really fun and they have a fantastic set of rules to them, but there is also cons factors about Crank it up (see below, in the cons section)
-Lots of tunes. No other band/artist pinball have this many songs
-Lighting all the inserts rules. This is also very unique and it took a while to grasp how it all works but when you get how it works it feels very well thought out


-No rules to the different songs. You just pick the one you like and off you go. Some like it that way, I am not one of them.
-The right side of Sparky(Cative ball, hammer, snake, ramp) feel a bit cluttered and tight for space(pro is better than premium in this regard) and all those shots are at the exact same height.
-No good rules for the ramps. You only go for the ramps when you really have to hit them for getting the inserts.
the ramp mode, Lady justice, feels like an afterthought. The metal ramps look and feel really nice but they are tight shots and risky without enough reward. (this is a really downer for me about this game.)
-The first mini wizard mode "Seek and destroy" was fun before the crank it up modes got coded in the game but
since you loose all the insert lights after playing it, it gets even harder to get to the crank it up modes when you choose to play it. This makes this mode almost pointless now
-The stand up target mini-wizard mode is very hard to get and is no fun at all. Shoot stand-up targets a million times to get it, then some more in the mode, and almost no reward for all your work
-Crank it up: Really fun to go for the first one, but when that is done you have to do all the same things again only even more times to get to the second, third and fourth. It is really rare to get beyond the second one(at least for me) and it starts to feel like doing all the same things over and over again instead of progression.
-Getting to the main Wizard mode is something I would not even consider. Wizard modes is supposed to be really really hard to get to but I like to feel that I could have chance on a really great round. On Metallica, it would just be to much work.
-The placement of the mystery hole, far to the right. I do not like the position of it, but this is not a huge deal
- The snake(at least on the premium) reject a lot of balls (but is a fun feature when it works)
- Hammer: Se above. On my game I had a lot of problems with the magnet and the hammer. It got a little better after Stern gave out replacement cards for the magnet, but I still had a lot of problems with it
-The typical Borg dobbel inlane/outlane problems. You can feel you have full control and then the ball just shoots out the outlane on the far left side, from the post between the inlanes. This can also happen when the ball returns from the fuel lane. Some call it getting Borged :)

Finally some ending thoughts:

A very solid game with some very unique Lyman Sheets rules but it was not a keeper for me. Of the newer Sterns, I have bought ac/dc, Metallica and Star Trek and of those 3, only ac/dc have that "just one more game before I turn it off" factor that I feel is so important for the games to remain a long time in my possession.

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed Metallica for almost a year and it is still a great game, just not one I care to play that often anymore.
8 years ago
A very solid machine that incorporates the theme well, but get ready to be frustrated. Long lasting rounds almost impossible due to the most extreme outlanes on any modern pinball (that I have ever played at least) A must own if you really like a challenge or if you are a Star Trek Fan but try it out before you buy, if possible. This is not for everyone. I enjoy it when I have been away from it for a while but not the machine I play the most
8 years ago
This machine is just 100% pure fun. Easy to understand. Great flow. Enormous Re-playability. The most rewarding goals are challenging but very satisfying, they include 1. Getting the Vacation Jackpot (one of the best wizard goals there is), 2. Getting 3 fast jackpots with 5 times the fun running. 3. Welcome to wet Willie's mode and 4. Stealing the camera from Big-foot's cave among many other fun objectives.