What’s special about “special when lite “

By karate

February 11, 2023

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40 days ago

It was kinda strange walking into my Dads office /warehouse,I remember total darkness,when finally my Dad hit the light switches,and there I stood a 7year old ,surrounded by 15-20 machines in various conditions.Some were marked "C&R"..which I later learned meant they were cleaned and ready to be placed..somewhere.I remember thinking "where do these things go"?.My uncle showed up just then, and proceeded to go behind a machine with what looked like pistol (soldering gun)I followed him over I stood at the front where coins were put in,my uncle said "sit on this stool and when I till you hit this button,hit it once .Up on the stool I seen a baseball diamond on the bottom part,so once a seen the bat,I knew it was some type of game machine.I was totally fascinated at this point,and eagerly awaited my chance to hit that button..I waited for what seemed like an hour,but only minutes later ,my uncle finally unplugged his "gun" and closed the back up ..I could see a ball park scene in the top back complete with little men that ran the bases,all lite up..big time.Don't hit it just yet, give me a minute to close everything up in the back..ok hit the button!..Wow..the machine rumbled a chattered and flashed,numbers all went to 000 on the back of the top glass..it was like it was waiting for me to make the next move..my uncle joined me at the front again and proceeded to hit buttons and pitch balls at the bat thing and showed me the button to make the bat swing...well..I was so into this..and it took money to make it all start ..after a few games on Williams 1957 baseball..a wandered around though an aisle of machines with rifles mounted on the front.I knew nothing about guns or rifles but they looked real to me..wondering where the bullets from these guns machines went..that had me stumped..most of the machines I saw that day had little red arrow things on the boards.that all seemed to say "special or special when lite"..another puzzle...what is special about special when lite?..what did that mean?..than I heard dad call me to join him in the front,we had to leave.I really didn't want to go and leave ,I was just so ..taken in by it all..but when he handed me a half dozen 45 rpm records which I recognized from my older sisters collection..and said we're heading home but I have a stop to make ..we'll put these records in a music machine on the way home..My Dad always referred to jukeboxes as music machines...so it was on theat ride to change some records on the "music machine "..when I asked and than  learned what was special about special when lite..1963 was the year..at that point my family had been in the coin machine business for 20 years..I finished high school a decade later and joined full time,.what a time to begin in the business 1974...and I'm still at it because  "just when I get out they pull me back in".. I have loved machines since that day.Jack Stephen..justgotout..

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34 days ago

Wonderful story.

30 days ago

Great stuff!

27 days ago

Great story.

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