The Beginning...of the End?

By jwwhite15

February 04, 2011

11 years ago

A quick timeline of my electronic begining. I joined and proudly served in the greatest Navy in the world as an Electronics Technician aboard a Fast Attack Submarine and the love of electronics was born. When my obligated service was complete I moved back to CA and bought my first game...Ms.Pacman. This is my all time favorite arcade game. Then I came across what would prove to be my real fascination...a Ballys Lost World. The started the journey and since I have owned and sold numerous Pinballs including SS, EM, EM Shooting, and EM Pitch and bat games. I love fixing things that don't work and enjoying the simple things like a clean playfield.

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10 years ago

Welcome, great story

10 years ago

Good story. don't know if I could handle living on a sub but I would sure like to go for a cruse on one.

10 years ago

Thanx for the welcome. If you didn't really think about being hundreds of feet below the surface it wasn't a big deal. We just went along with life and did our job...and watched a lot of movies and played a lot of cards of course.

8 years ago

Sup man, just saw you lived in Bakesfield. I live in Bakersfield also and also served 8 years on subs in the Navy. Would be cool to check out your pins sometime.

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