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5 years ago
Love the artwork and have enjoyed the few times I've played the game. Wish I had more game time on this. Will update the ratings when I get my machine operational.
5 years ago
Funhouse is a classic. There's just something about that talking head that draws me in. A good combination of challenging and satisfying shots.

My rating is based on machines of that era so it may be higher than others.
5 years ago
Rating is for a machine with Cactus Canyon Continued.

Very funny machine and CCC puts it over the top.
5 years ago
I find Tron okay to hit the ball around but dislike the playfield art and sound. There arent alot of audio cues, like when you are advancing towards disc multiball there is no indication of how close you are without looking up at the screen.
5 years ago
I held off getting this machine for a long time because it seemed like the sound, though good, was just a bunch of sound bites. Then one day while playing I commented about this to my wife and she said "but the Simpsons show is like a bunch of sound bites".

Simple, but that's all it took for it to no longer bother me.

Very deep game. There is so much to do, sometimes I find it fun to just focus on one aspect of the game. A particular aspect I find enjoyable is to just try and keep the timer going (start modes and qualify/hit Otto shot before timer runs out).
5 years ago
One of my top 5 machines. Most immersive to me until LOTR came along. Really has the entire package, rules, art, sound and gameplay.
5 years ago
Just really like this game. Again, humor is a huge factor. Sometimes I'm in the mood for a deep game like LOTR and other times a more simple just plain fun game is called for.
5 years ago
I really want to like this game as Spiderman was my favorite superhero as a kid.

I think it looks and plays great but the rules just kill it for me. I really dislike the hit something 3 times, then 6 times, then 9 times ... type of rule sets.

Since so many people like it I've given it plenty of chances and got a tutorial on the intricacies of the rule set (did I mention I really want to like it?) but alas, it's just not for me.
5 years ago
Makes me smile every time I play it.
5 years ago
If only I liked the artwork more, the cannon did not block the right outlane and the lower level didn't feel like a waste of space.

Still, it's a blast to shoot. Not a huge fan of the intricate scoring rules but see how that can be very fun for those who are all about "score" (hence competition play).
5 years ago
When AFM first came out, before putting any quarters in I looked over the playfield and thought it looked boring. All the shots on the perimeter, empty middle, not much to it.

Then I played it and was hooked. Goes to show what humor, theme, and decent rules can do to make a game fun.
5 years ago
My personal #1. So many cool toys, great art and challenging game play. I like a game where each time you trap a ball on the flipper, you have to think about which of 3 or 4 options to take.

The only thing I dislike about TZ is the randomness of the exit from the pop bumpers. You shouldn't be penalized for making a shot.
5 years ago
The cabinet artwork and plastics may be pixelated, but one of my favorite games where it counts, immersive game play.

I think it's the best when it come to letting you know what's happening by using audio cues. No need to look at the DMD to know what's going on.

I really feel like I'm on a quest when I play LOTR and as much as I want to reach Valinor. There are plenty of satifying accomplishments along the way the keep me from getting too dejected when I ultimately fail.
5 years ago
I've owned WOZ for about 6 months now and with the latest 3.0 release believe I can finally give it a rating.

My marks may seem high but after going through the description in each category, I believe they are accurate with respect to my preferences.

The backglass category is a little difficult to rate since the LCD (which is great) is essentially the backglass, though the surround (which is just okay) does play a part.

"Game Lighting" is another category that's a little difficult to rate. Others have complained that the playfield doesn't have enough general illumination. If I played in the dark, I would agree, but I play in a room with some overhead lighting so it is fine. The rest of the flashers and light shows are amazing.

In my opinion, WOZ is a work of art!