Pinball Love

By justsomedude

May 21, 2019

29 days ago

Grew up on the Kiss and Bobby Orr's Power Play machines at the local ice rink in Detroit.  Moved on to Playboy and Eight Ball Deluxe pins at the arcades as I got older.  Started playing the Comet, High Speed and The Addam's Family games when I became a bartender and TAF became my favorite.  Planned pinball roadtrips around concerts, stopping at truck stops and arcades until the internet came out; made it a little easier to find the games.  Been chasing pins since then.  Exciting to see where technology will take us.   The Big Lebowski is my white whale. Never owned a machine and not sure if I want to own one; arcades and bars are far more fun than my living room.  Plus it gets me out of the house

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