A little about me.

By JustJared

November 17, 2023

6 months ago

Since getting into pinball, I’ve found joy in sharing it with others.  I’m unsure if I get more joy from bringing a project machine back to life, or watching my kids work their newly found flipper skills and achieve a goal.  I tend to keep family-oriented games but enjoy watching the code develop on newer machines.  I’ve owned EM’s, Solid States, DMD’s and Moderns.  The wife prefers the moderns in my tiny pinball room which also hosts a table for the kids Legos.  I’ve enjoyed watching my children grown more interested in the game lately.  While I'm always looking for my next project machine, my next adventure is to document and stream a homebrew.  So many ideas but the kids are pushing me to a “Bluey” theme.  Time will tell what actually comes to fruition.  Stay tuned…

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5 months ago

I think a Bluey themed machine could be amazing!
Just lots of lot of mini games.

- Keepy Uppy - Multiball with reactive flippers, so no holding!
- Feather Wand - The table gets “Heavy” and increases in angle, with In the Hall of the Mountain King increasing in intensity.
- Takeout - Progressive multiball. Balls keep getting added until the Spring Roll Timer ends.
- Pass the Parcel - Select between a prize, or a huge all or nothing skill shot! (Lucky’s dad’s rules)
- Bonus, work in “Pinball Lez” by Custard. The lead singer plays Bandit and it used as a test for the opening for the show.

Like the show, stuff everyone can enjoy.

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