The North Star Guiding Me Home

By juster

January 13, 2013

9 years ago

A bunch of my father's buddies bought he and my mother a 1964 Gottlieb North Star as a wedding present in the early 70's. I played the hell out of it as a kid, and after leaving home for good three days after my 18th birthday, I made sure Mom knew that was the only thing I wanted/ needed from the house - and someday I'd stop moving from apartment to apartment and would come back for it.

Fast forward 15 years, the North Star has been brought back to life and proudly sits in my living room along with our newest baby, a 1976 Williams Grand Prix.

My life is now filled with pins, and it is good.

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9 years ago

Life is good. Fill it with pinball. Thank you for sharing.

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