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10 years ago
I was profoundly disappointed in this pin. The design feels lazy and slapped-together, the shots aren't all that fun to hit and I felt like so much more could have been done with this license.

I also hate playfields that feature photos instead of illustrated artwork, but I guess that's where the world is going (specifically all the Stern movie tie-ins).
10 years ago
Main shots are too easy, feels lazily designed and is a giant disappointment. This pin is an abomination.
10 years ago
Shame they didn't finish the software, still fun as hell if you can find one!
10 years ago
Fun pin to play, easy to get started, hard to master. Managing multiball and being able to hit shots for jackpots is key (though I suppose that's true for most any game). Not traditionally considered an "A" by most, but it is for me.
10 years ago
One of my all-time favorite EMs, unique layout with a mushroom bumper between the two flippers. Takes a bit of time to learn, but very fun once you start to nail the shots and get good at adding a ball.
10 years ago
Very, very fun game. The spinning soccer ball on the playfield is a bit useless (and generally broken if you're playing this outside of a friend's collection) - and the backglass is lame as hell (mostly that's Striker, the official mascot of the 1994 World Cup).

Loads of fun to play, easy to learn, semi-hard to master. Beating the game (winning the World Cup) is immensely satisfying.
10 years ago
One of all-time favorite games - a must-play if you can still find one in the wild. Unfortunately, this (along with ST:TNG and MM) is very difficult to find outside of personal collections as the value has skyrocketed over the past couple years.

I especially love how clear each of the shots are - even if you're playing for the first time, the game tells you what you're supposed to do next and what you'll get for successfully hitting shots (this is stupidly rare for the era, where you often have to study rules and play through tons of mistakes on a lot of these '90s games to learn the shots).
10 years ago
I may be biased as I literally grew up with this game (and still own it). It falls on the "more difficult" and "less skillful" side of EMs of this era... more of a run-and-gun and just-try-not-to-drain than skillfully setting up and making shots type of table. But to me at least, this is a beautiful representation of a very classic playfield layout.
10 years ago

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