New to pinball

By jumpyg1258

August 14, 2021

33 days ago

I am pretty new to pinball.  I only own the virtual pins made by arcade1up but I am looking to own my first real machine at this moment.

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22 days ago

Welcome! I own that AFM 1UP you can learn alot from that machine and plenty of fun to be had on like 6 or 7 tables, no shame in that. Especially if you got in before there price increase and still hoping for a code update soon. Good luck on the real machine there is no substitute

17 days ago


Note that the hobby is subjective so if you are reading reviews on Pinside, a game you might love someone else may not care for.
When looking for games, play them first and see if you like them.
Start learning if you can about repairing them if you are into older machines else make sure you have a lot of cash in general for buying newer machines or paying for repairs.
Have fun and stay within whatever budget you set for yourself!

17 days ago

Just realized you bought Hot Wheels. Congratulations and great choice for a first new pin. Play it in good health and have fun with it!

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