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5 years ago
I played this at a local Siver City movie theater and i have to say,I'm impressed by how well it played. A few minor tweaks and it could be an amazing game!!!!!
5 years ago
This is one the most underrated games I have ever played. This game is simply awesome. Everything from lighting, sounds, music, voices, 8 ball multiball, 3 ball multiball, hurry ups. I can go on and on. BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!
5 years ago
Not a bad pin but got boring real fast for me.
5 years ago
This Game is one of my favorites. The best game Stern has released in decades.
5 years ago
Overall a fun game, Sounds and lighting is real cool.
5 years ago
Excellent Game, Years ahead of it's time. Suzanne Ciani did an amazing job on the sound effects. A must have in anyone's collection.
5 years ago
Absolutely Loved this pin. Raul julia's voice really adds to the fun of the game.