Memoirs of an Arcade Kid

Memoirs of an Arcade Kid

By Jughead

July 29, 2009

8 years ago

I've been a gamer since I was a little boy. Started out on the Atari 2600, a 386, and the local pizza place and arcade. I always loved arcade games and pinball and that love carried over into my console collection and obsession. I just recently got my first pinball machine after owning an Aliens arcade cabinet for awhile and building a PC MAME cabinet for other games. I purchased Big Brave off a friend for 200 bucks and have set out on the task of cosmetically restoring it (works great, looks bad). During my current journey my interest has been peaked and I am now scouring the classifieds and looking around the net for pinball games of my youth, and some I've maybe never played. Hopefully I can make enough room to continue growing my collection and hobby of arcade cabinet and pinball playing.

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8 years ago
Hope you have a huge basement with lots of extra room! I started out with 1 pinball, now I have 5 + a jamma arcade cabinet! ...and still looking for my next fix!
7 years ago
Awesome pin Big Brave is I have a Big Indian that plays fantastic,
those games are some of the best of the 1970s
6 years ago
Sounds like you've got the fever, Jughead!
6 years ago
You have a pinblem
5 years ago
where did you go?

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