First Machine and I'm Addicted

By JTB2r2t

April 22, 2021

22 days ago

So, over the past year I have created a portion of my garage into a nice party room - added 2 TVs, some furniture, commercial 2 door refrigerator, and stumbled across a pinball machine on FB Marketplace.  I thought...that would be fun to have in the garage so when we have friends over, and no game is on to watch...we will have something to do.  Since I knew absolutely nothing about pinball machines.... I started my crash course on what do I need to know.  Big props to the Pinside website and all of info available - it helped me make a decision.  I scored this Bally's Eight Ball machine (along with an Off Road Challenge machine).  We have a big group of neighbors that we hang out with and now the weekends are filled with everyone in my garage playing pinball for hours!  I also recently scored a 441,410 - which made #33 on the Pinside high score list!  The old school feel and sounds of this machine are fantastic.  Since the game doesn't keep the high score (not sure if that is normal or a glitch in this machine), I wanted to find a cool way to keep our high scores.  So I found a 1981 Coors sign last week (in the original packaging) for sale that I bought - I am going to put our names in the slots down the left side and use the numbers for our high scores (pic attached - still need to add the names).  The second game in the area is Off Road Challenge - I bought it with good intentions and thought all the kiddos would have fun with that one, but it doesn't get the play time - oh well, there are worse things in the world.  So, now I'm thinking I should add another pinball machine to take it's place - maybe a more modern game - then the typical group that is over can have an option of going old school or something more modern.  Anyway, thought I'd share my story and say thank you guys for all the info on this site - much appreciated!!

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16 days ago

Welcome to a great hobby, pinball is an amazing addiction. I am not an expert but i think you have a bad battery on the MPU, there quite possibly could be acid damage as well. Here is a link to read rhat might assist you in determining that:

After my first machine I acquired 5 machines in my first year who would have thought. Glad I found this hobby, I have met cool people, learned a ton of tech stuff, most important played some awesome games. Good luck in your pinball adventure.

16 days ago

Thank you for reading my story and also for the info...I'll read through link and see what I can learn. I can certainly understand acquiring 5 machines in the first year...the addiction is a blast! Thanks again!!

16 days ago

You're welcome, i hope it leads you in the right direction. If not there are plenty more people with more experience than myself on here.

The first machine I bought, the guy told me that " its addictive, you cant just own one machine" I was thinking to myself "oh yeah, sure" he was right, itl'l sneak up on you. Take care.

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