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9 months ago
How much would this game cost if it was released today? Incredibly complex, maybe the pinnacle or 90's pinball.
1 year ago
Fast! Brutal with rules reminiscent of the old System 11 games. Definitely has that one more game feel about it. One more code update to come?
1 year ago
Great looking Data East widebody with the genius G and R ramps. Not as much fun as some other DE games of the era like JP, WWFRR and Tommy but still a blast to play. Needs a pinsound to get the most out of it. You will pay a premium these days for one!
1 year ago
Second best Sys 11 after Whirlwind in my opinion. A classic with fun but challenging all or nothing gameplay. Must have good flippers to make sure the ramps are make-able for some great combos.
1 year ago
Again, an absolutely beautiful game from J-Pop with some amazing toys and incredible ramps. If the rules were updated it would be a top 20 game for me but as is it might just scrape the top 50. There isn't enough to keep an above average player interested after you've reached the wizard mode a few times. Third best J-Pop game for me behind Cirqus Voltaire and World Cup Soccer.
1 year ago
J-Pops third best game and as with the others (besides WCS) it is as shallow as it is beautiful. In a one pin collection it would get old very quickly. Worst video mode and wizard mode in pinball?
1 year ago
A classic no doubt about it. Beautiful art, great call outs and some nice toys. Only problem for me is the code is lacking, unless you get everything stacked you’re kind of in jail. Hopefully this might be sorted with the remake if the rumors are true...
2 years ago
Another great underrated pin from the 90's and definitely Sega's best effort. Unique rules and mini flipper integration along with some great toys and magnets. Call outs and music from the movie add to the atmosphere and are laugh out loud funny. Probably doesn't have the last ability of some other games of the era but for a quick bug blast you can't go wrong!
2 years ago
Another game in the pinside ranking doldrums which should be a lot higher. First of all the rules are shallow which is it's main downfall and probably why it isn't ranked higher. Other than that it is an awesome game. Quotes from the movie are well integrated and it has one of the best multiball starts ever, "THE WRECKING CREW IS HERE!". The right saucer shot is clunkey but the jump ramp is one of the best in all of pinball. If you see one on location play it and I know you will be pleasantly surprised.
2 years ago
One of the best pins ever made. First game I ever played I made it to Destroy the Ring and I was hooked since then. Fan layout but some good variations of shots and toys. This was during the period of Stern producing long playing games with deep rules like Spider-Man, POTC, etc which is still the golden era of Stern for me. Definite a top 5 game.
2 years ago
Beautiful cabinet, backglass and playfield art. Wolverine scale a little off but Magneto looks good. The rule set is excellent after some seriously needed updates which tarnished its reputation early on after release. Some call outs are aweful and completely over the top but others like Deadpool are hilarious. Everyone loves an upper flipper to ramp shot and this one is awesome. Overall very good and I'm probably in a minority of one but I actually prefer it to the similarly laid out Tron!
3 years ago
Awesome layout complimented with some of the greatest rules for a pinball machine ever. I remember watching PAPA videos before playing it and seeing all the guys going for Sparky multiball but it's not until you're actually standing in front of the machine that you realise how tight that shot is. That goes for all of the shots, it is a tough game but when you get your shots flowing and you're collecting items lighting crank-it-up is an awesome feeling. Having to put that much work in just to light a "mode" is inspired coding! The only thing which lets the pro down is the light show compared to the premium/LE but the 'Total Light Show' mod more than makes up for this. Best pro Stern has produced and glad to hear they've extended the license. Apparently there may be one more code update to come! Will hopefully be the next game added to my collection.
3 years ago
One word: flow!
If you are a fan of fast paced games where there almost isn't a moment that the ball isn't at your flipper then this is the one for you. Classic bad movie, great pin.
3 years ago
Good late B/W game from Pat Lawlor. Slam ramps and the hole in one shot are great toys. Becomes a bit repetitive and the only good points are in the multiball like a lot of Lawlor games. Good in a big collection but not so much otherwise. I would definitely stick a few $ in one on location.
3 years ago
Just beautiful, whoever at Stern tapped up Zombie Yeti for the artwork on this deserves a raise.
The playfield layout is good with lots of shots but some are seriously difficult to make unfortunately leaving me feeling frustrated. I thought pinball was supposed to be fun!
More of an on site quarter muncher than an enjoyable home game.
4 years ago
Seriously fun game for a short blast. Shallow rule set but that always leaves you wanting just one more game like Iron Man and similar pins. It probably wouldn't make a great single pin to own but in a larger collection it really shines. The flashing beacon and multiball call outs are still among the best in pinball added with the awesome ZZ Top makes this a top 90's game.
4 years ago
Best bang for your buck pin? I'd say so!
The playfield has some amazing and pretty unique toys: sanctum magnet ball lock, battlefield, player controlled ramp diverters.
I love the art deco playfield artwork however the translite and speaker panel are among the worst ever seen on a pinball machine. Get the Aurich one if you can!
The game is seriously difficult, sometimes it can seem like you're never going to hit the mode start hole ever again! Because of the duff theme and difficulty it is held in lower regard than some but it is definitely worth seeking out and enjoying.
4 years ago
The only non DMD in my collection but one of the most played by myself and my friends. The spinning disks are a great feature which really integrate the theme. The multi ball isn't a gimme every game and the jackpot shot is a seriously tough one. Nail a few jackpots in a game, get the mega door award and you'll come away with one of the best feelings in pinball.
5 years ago
Better than I thought it was going to be but that laugh, ergh!! Can someone adjust the code to take it out? Not a fan of the art, the playfield is too busy.
5 years ago
Great theme integrated well however like most people say it gets very old very quickly.
5 years ago
One of the best ever made and maybe the best in my opinion. Excellent theme integration and the speech is amazing. Seriously under-valued.
5 years ago
The first pin I can remember playing and when the T-Rex picked up the ball, wow! Definitely up the top of the want list for nostalgia but also the game play still holds up and hopefully the rules update will send it even higher.
5 years ago
It's up there at the top of the rankings for a reason which some of the best theme integration out there along with STTNG. Just need to start saving for one now...
5 years ago
The first pinball I played at length at a friends house which basically got me into pinball. One of the best looking pins with LEDs. Still definitely one of my favorites and probably the next one to be added to the collection.
5 years ago
I prefer this to my SM which will definitely put me in the minority. The main thing which lets this pin down is the fake actors dialogue. Besides that it's an excellent pin.
5 years ago
Lyman rules and Ritchie layout is a home run every time!
5 years ago
I am not a Wrestling but I love this pin. Widebody DE with a shaker which feels like an earthquake going off! Two ramps, two scoops, a VUK, a mini-playfield and 6 ball multi-ball makes me wonder why this pin isin't higher in the rankings. The cabinet art is some of the worse I've seen but I like the hand drawn art on the playfield.
5 years ago
My grail pin which I managed to get a few months ago after a long wait and it still pays as I remember all those years ago.
Most people forget to mention the music which builds and builds as you move up the rafts.