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7 years ago
Where do I begin. I initially had one on order when it came out but I put it on hold as initial code was a bit dodgy. Fast forward a year or so and I had a chance to play a premium with the new 1.63 code. I was hooked played a bunch of games and decided to pull the trigger on a premium. This pinball does not disappoint, It plays fast and is a dump truck of fun. Grave yard multi ball is a blast to get I love stand ups and three in a row is genius. I love the coffin mechanical locks and subway to the scoop. Sparky it a great toy perfectly located. Lyman as usual hits the rules out of the park. The Monsters Art package is fantastic. I may be committing blasphemy here but I think I enjoy Metallica more then AC/DC.
7 years ago
I'm torn on this one. I don't really love the theme, but I knew it was one my wife may enjoy. I have had it for about a year now, its overall build quality is good and could be great but the board issues is a problem. I have the 5.5 volt boards and I'm starting to have problems. JJP should have just sent out new boards to all owners. The game is regularly updated which is great, it has gotten better. I will keep it as my wife really likes it but I find the "cheap build" Sterns I enjoy way more, Metallica, AC/DC, Star Trek blow Wizard of Oz game play out of the water at least for me. This game shines on material quality that is play field, cabinet, and the attention to detail on these., just those pesky boards hold it back. However for a first machine JJP did a great job
7 years ago
I had a chance to put quite a few games on a LE/premium I really like the new update with the Karl Urban callouts, they tie in very nicely. warp ramp shot is so much fun to hit especially when it can be done one after another Modes are fun and vary as you do each one. Completing them gets kobi multi ball which is a great way to get points. There is so much to do is this game its hard to sum it up but you get the idea. The cabinet, art and sound are top notch. Nice to see flashers in the back box again.
8 years ago
I remember playing this on a ton back in 90 when it cam out. I loved the Rudy head and his wise cracking comments. Classic Lawlor fun stop and go action that was very interactive. It is by far my favorite alpha numeric pin (even though it's a WPC 89 game) and it stands up to the test of time at least for me with satisfying shots and good rules. It was one I have wanted to find for some time and I am lucky enough to have it in restored condition. My nephew already put dibs on it.
8 years ago
I played this game a few times and wound up getting a deal I couldn't refuse on it. Overall fun game. I think I'm in the minority on the Iron hide mini playfield. I like trying to keep the ball moving up and tripping the optos. But I enjoy pretty much all mini playfields for some reason, I think it just adds another dimension to the pin but they need to be interactive like Stewie pinball on Family Guy or the power on Twilight Zone. The one on Lord of the rings is just there. Megatron multiball is cool and the bumblebee scoring makes it easy to stack points so to speak. I like the hidden ramp on Optimus Prime. I have the combo machine that has the upgrades for the issues the came up when this game came out.
9 years ago
I had a chance to play one of these a bit ago and was hooked. So much so I went with a premium. The light show is amazing. I really like how they change from song to song and during game play. I'm usually a mode guy but found the shots and combos to be so fun. I enjoy the rush of trying to keep the ball going and the ability to pump up the score with combos and the like a blast. In the mini playfield building up the points keeping the ball in play is fast and furious finally collecting it with a well placed canon shot in certain songs. I like AC/Dc music but wouldn't call myself a huge fan but the music in this game just gets you going. I was worried it would be repetitive but when your playing. it hits you and complements the shots better then any game I have ever played.
9 years ago
I really enjoy this game. Highly under appreciated. Many multi ball modes, the cryo claw is a cool toy to choose modes. Plays very fast and smooth. Throw this design in a Star Wars theme and you may very well have a top 10 game. As it sits it is a great bank for the buck!
9 years ago
I played this this month at Disney's Magic Kingdom. What a disappointment. Why can't someone take a great theme am make a killer pin? Seems all Star Wars game's are not that great.
9 years ago
I got a chance to play this a Disney at the Contemporary resort earlier this month. It was the pro model but I really enjoyed this game. I must have played 10 or 15 games before the wife came back from the shops to drag me away. I'd love to fine one for home.
10 years ago
Overall fun, but not very deep. A top 20 for sure, however games like Spiderman, Simpsons pinball party, and Star Trek TNG are much more fun to me and should be above this one. Still would like one though at some point.
11 years ago
I have had CV for a while now and figured it is time to rate it properly. It is some thing to look at and the light shows are amazing but I find it frustrating and repetitive, I have joined the circus many times almost every other game it seems. I have beaten it a half a dozen times at least. The only game to get to a wizard mode easier is the Final Frontier in STTNG, but in order to get points, modes need to be completed first and artifacts collected. I think CV is a top 20 game but it is getting overpriced for what it is.
11 years ago
This game reminds me of mid to late 90's model Williams games. It has the classic lit backglass with lights and flashers no fluorescent tube, all the ramps are steel, very cool. Is has a video mode. For some reason I always enjoyed these in the old Williams and Bally games. It has multiple plung shots. You can choose a mystery award or go for the TX skill shot for example. The RPG game in the backglass is very cool. Not sure what the complaint is about it. I found it fun and challenging especially as you completed each round of the RPG portion of the game. The rules are not overly deep but deep enough for a player like me. Many modes to complete and a wizard mode as well. T3 is hands down better than T2. Just more to do.
11 years ago
I finally got a chance to play this last week in perfect running order. I'm not sure why it get low ratings. It actually reminds me a lot of the early to mid 90's Williams games. Specifically Twilight Zone. Both have that Pat Lawlor feel, the cartoony like backglass and playfield graphics. There are references to both TZ and Addams Family in the sounds as well. This one takes a lot of skill to get to the wizard mode, I didn't even scratch the surface, very deep rules. Very playable and fun overall.
12 years ago
Spiderman will become a classic. The game play is fantastic, lighting rules, playfield layout are all stellar. This game easily runs with Twilight zone, Medieval Madness, Theatre of magic or any of the great Bally/Williams games.
13 years ago
I finally got to play one of these at a show a little while ago. Maybe it was the machine, but it seemed very slow. I loved the way the machine looked but not so much how it played. Again it may have been the game I played. I'll try to find another and give it a shot again.
13 years ago
I played this game at the show in Rochester, and while it is a beautiful game to look at the play is just so so. Seems kind of slow to me.

Update played one in much better shape. Game is a overall blast. It is one I want to add to my game room.
13 years ago
At first I wasn't sure about this game, I had high expectations. A software revision helped some of the issues I had with the machine and there are supposedly more to come to further integrate the last movie into the game more. However, it is a bit repetitive. It is a great game for for beginners or families, the 8 ball multi ball is a blast but it gets lost after that. The game itself is a beauty to look at, not quite the caliber of a Theatre of Magic or Tales of the Arabian Nights but one of the best looking if not the best looking Stern game. But in the end it really is how it plays that matters and it just seems to fall a bit short.
13 years ago
I had this machine a few years back mine had a couple of small hiccups but overall a decent machine. I got a chance to play it again at the show in Rochester. It is still as fun as I remember. This particular one was in excellent shape. Not over complicated but great feeling shots, good rules, fun multiball and just a beauty to look at as well. It is one game I want to re-add to my game room.
13 years ago
I Finally played a fully restored Addams Family pinball. All I can say is wow. I finally understand why this game is rated so well. Excellent modes, like festers tunnel hunt, cousin it and many more. Not to mention 5 jet bumpers for the graveyard and the" thing flips" mode where you can trust you shot to the swamp to thing himself! the multiball requires skill to get the jackpot since they can only be hit with the upper flipper, not an easy task with the power flinging the balls around. It is a challenge to get multi ball going because of the "power". Once two balls are locked you have to really think your shot to either the chair or bookcase because these magnets ( the power) can redirect your shot. This game actually has one of the best skill shots as well. This is the one game to have if your only going to have one. The key is to find one in good condition or better yet fully restored to like new. In the end it really has it all and deserves to be at the top of the ratings.
14 years ago
I got to play this again recently, one that actually worked well and I could hear. (Pinball Hall of Fame in Vegas) It is a overall excellent game. I am one that usually doesn't care about theme so to speak as long as the game is fun, but it really has a great Monty Python mojo going for it that lends itself so well to the play. Multiball stacking is a blast although I could do without the Trolls.
17 years ago
I just played this again after selling it a few years back. It was at a local pizza place and in excellent condition. First game set the high score and beat the machine. Now I remember why I sold it. Great game easy to beat, but it is just beautiful to look at! The modes are fun and the shots smooth. Still love the trap door! Love the magnet on the trunk too. It just doesn't hold up to games like Lord of the Rings or Addams Family for me. Still if I had the space I might just try to find one again.
17 years ago
I got a chance to play it again at the show in Rochester. Maybe it was just this particular one but again it seems very slow to me, almost boring. The shots didn't feel that great, and while the rules are good everything felt like it was moving in mud. Again maybe just this machine.

Update. Found one in good shape. What a difference a maintained one makes. It made the wish list!
18 years ago
This is my favorite overall game. It has everything a pin should have, great theme, excellent rules and most of all lastability. While I agree the cabinets are not of the same caliber of the 90's Williams games, they still look very good and it is how the game plays that really matters. I find I still want to play it over and over. I have a Twilight Zone and while that is one of my favorites, definitely in my top 5, this one hands down is just more fun for me.