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11 months ago
Theme integration, great ruleset, and sustainable multiballs are what make this open-layout, wide-body so addictive. Fairly open, symmetrical layout is very approachable for beginners -- and the depth of the ruleset/modes help prevent this machine from feeling too repetitive.
11 months ago
I had the opportunity to play this game for some time on free play -- and I can't imagine ever dropping quarters into this pin at another location. No matter how much time I spent trying to like this game, it just wasn't enjoyable. Sadly, the hyperspace / asteroid field mini [video] games were the highlights of this pin for me. A good theme wasted on an uninspired playfield layout.
11 months ago
One of my favorite Stem games ... period. Just don't get sick of it. The flow of playfield and the Iron Maiden animations are standouts for me.
11 months ago
After owning this game for several years I still find enough depth in the many game modes to shoot it regularly. Hitting the scoops in this pin can be a challenge (greatly varying from machine to machine), but it's always a blast to play!
11 months ago
It's tough to find any fault with this game.