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5 years ago
I couldn't name a single Iron MAiden song, but this game has quickly become my all time favorite game. The flow is incredible, even with tight shows. There are a boatload of nuances to the scoring I discover daily. The super skillshot to the left outlane or making the loop with upper right flipper is worth 2x if you don't hold left flipper(which makes it harder). The artwork and overall polish to the game is second to none imo. You don't have to be a maiden fan to love this game. The callouts are fun without being able to relate them to maiden or their songs. Same for the artwork.
10 years ago
Finally got a chance to play the LE after playing the pro for a long time. The pro seemed to have a pinch more flow to me, but nothing to be noted really. The lightshow on this pin is pretty fun, but I have been LED'ing my machines to have a full experience like this does. The interaction with the side lights is pretty fantastic.

Hard to comment on lastability or quality as of yet, but we shall see as it goes. There is one local I can play close by so should be a good comparison to see! Will be updating lastability and quality as time goes on either up or down.
10 years ago
Transformers LE can seem really boring when you fist start playing since there aren't any really cool gimmick shots. I.e = attack from mars ship or MM castle, that give you instant satisfaction. Once you really get the rules down it does become much more enjoyable, however after you have had a few good games it gets old fairly quick. The game gets pretty deep, but overall you keep hitting the same shots to complete modes and seems like a standard gomez grind session.

Takeaway: Big fan of the art, sounds and overall packages. Animations are not very clear, but most sterns of this style aren't. Would highly recommend to own for a while to get it down, but wouldn't be for more than a few months.
10 years ago
I'[m not the biggest fan of the show so perhaps that affects my rating of the pin, especially in the theme section. The mini pf can be pretty fun at first, but you are just wildy hitting the flippers and barely aiming, thus making it get old fairly quickly.

The audio call outs can get pretty annoying and old after a while as well. Seems to have less audio flow and more "shock callouts". Meaning, just random sayings from the show to be humorous, but many are out of context and cool to hear at first because you relate to them from the show, however they get old from a pinball perspective.

Overall, wouldn't own this at home, but would drop some quarters in it if only a pin or two in the place I'm at. Personally would prefer the shrek.
10 years ago
This pin has some of the best, if not the best, humor in any pin. It gets dirty, subtle and goes super well with the theme. From the boxer talking smack to the fly being swatted, it's pure awesome.

This may not be the best game to own in a home setting as it can get old fairly quickly, however there are a lot of pieces to this pin that need to be well maintained so a poorly routed one is absolutely no fun and not worth playing. It is probably worth being bought for the home setting, but just know a larger collection is best or knowing you won'[t have the game super long.

However, once you beat the final boxer you do get to bet on your fights and they are randomly hard, which becomes really thrilling and fairly tough to get to as well. So, the game doesn't simple start over once "beaten".
10 years ago
At first glance attack from mars can be extremely simple looking and put off as possibly not too fun or long lasting. Once I got this game in my house it was the exact opposite. The game has fantastic. The outter orbits are perfect in how they come back to the flipper. The obvious goal seems to be to shoot the ship a boatload, and that does get you really far and a lot of points, but there are other modes to light in order to rule the Universe. The ship only gets you to the final martian battle, which is one aspect.

The humor on this game is up there with Medieval Madness and Champion pub. CP may have some of the best dirty humor, but attack is not far behind at all. Overall really fantastic audio package that is well incorporated.

Unfortunately, this game commands quite a high price, but if you can get the opportunity to own one I definitely would, at least for a little while. There are is so much to this game that can't be found on route. Many times I find these games to have horribly dark lighting on route and need to be lit a bit better with the open PF concept as well.
10 years ago
I haven't had too much time on this game, but I will say the layout is nothing special. Very similar to T3, although I do like that game. I liked Metallica, but I think, like ACDC, it relies heavily on the music. I'm not diehard Metallica fan so I looked at this from a Pinball standpoint. Cool shots, re-used, but fun layout, great art package. Fun pin to play, but I can see how it wouldn't last for a while.

EDIT: Got even more time on the game and definitely liked the rulset and gameplay even more. Art is still great, it hasn't changed sine I last played lol. Bumped up a couple slots and bump down a couple slots. Holy cow the slingshots are insanely fast. They seem to be close and angled a pinch differently possibly. If not, then well they are just plain fast and can lead to some really annoying drains on the outlanes without any chance to nudge.

EDIT with 1.51 Code in it: Before the game was good, really solid game. Now, it really is a top game. The flow, rules and art just make this game so much fun. Lyman has outdone himself on this one compared to some of the past sterns especially. He is starting to contend with the deeper and more thought out games like MM and AFM levels, which he also did. I highly recommend folks update their ratings after playing code 1.51 for some times. It is a massive improvement!
11 years ago
Demo man is a great game to own, especially for the price. The thing is built like a tank, even more so since it is a wide body. The flippers need to be really strong and rebuilt since ramps are quite steep. The game theme itself is alright, they based it sorta off the movie with not the most creative tie-ins of the movie itself.

There is actually a lot to do and a solid pin to have, even in a very small collection I'd recommend it.
11 years ago
I liked the quirky factor of this pin. It is fun, but didn't have much lastability for me. The graphics look really cartoon like and didn't catch my attention in the long run.

Overall a fun pin, but don't make it your only pin. Great to have in a collection of a few pins
11 years ago
I have played this game quite a bit and finally got one myself. Absolutely love it more now that I have it since it is such a deep game and so much to do. I have the game tilted pretty steep with open outlanes to make it fast and challenging.

I do think the lighting is a bit dark so I did add some spotlights towards the back and added LED strips to the backglass since it was too bright.

Overall one of my favorite games to have in the house. Can be challenging for a route to be maintained, but overall one of the best Sterns.

There is a ton to do in regards to mods to make the game play really well.
11 years ago
I never heard a lot of good things about this game from the few things I read. IT seemed to be more negative. I also had played it at a local arcade and was never a big fan I got one on a package deal and fixed it up, added purple LEDs for the backboard and purple spotlights and WOW! This game glows so well. Put a lot of blues and reds in the GI and it just pops. One of the game that looks like it is meant strictly for LEDS. Definitely needs a non-ghosting LED though as it ghosts horribly. It's also amazing how much a flipper rebuild can change my opinion of a game, and my wife's.

The game has funny call outs if you almost tilt or miss your shots. I really like the flow mixed with stop and go. There are some slow parts but mainly for things like multiball or big jackpots, which make it seem more epic. Also, how can you not love hitting the RED shot and the whole game goes dark, except the red flashers light up. Such a cool effect. I really enjoy hitting that shot with the captive ball super hard and straight on. The ball will sit there for a split second and float, but the captive ball with call back hard and slam it back at you.

I grabbed some whiskey, put in the Macklemore album and played it through the whole hour plus of the album. Never got tired of it. I am actually selling it and played it to see if any tweaks needed to be made. After done made some slight switch arm adjustments, but other than that I am quite the fan of this game. It was sitting next to my Flintstones, which I played afterwards and have to say, I think I like t3 better!
11 years ago
This is probably one of the best non-DMD pins created. This makes sense since it is one of the last alpha numeric pins. I love the colors and theming on this game. The game really needs LEDs and it will pop quite well. I wish they made a DMD conversion for Funhouse, it would be a great addition!

The game can get semo-old after a long time, but still great lastability.
11 years ago
I played and played thid game really wanting to like it since I am a huge IJ fan. It just got so repetitive and boring. I hit the ark a ton, spilled multi ball out and that was it. It is cool the first few times, but overall not really very sweet.

I would recommend playing it, just not buying it for long term
11 years ago
I really wish this was based on the cartoon, but nevertheless it is a really fun and well themed game. All aspects such as the bowling, bedrock, bronco and many more are used.

The game has good lastability for me in the gameroom. I did have to upgrade and add some spotlights since it is dark. the PF glows in parts so those type of lights are awesome!
11 years ago
While fairly simple overall it really is a blast to play for a system 11 from 1986. One of the best system 11 games that I have owned, definitely a fan!
11 years ago
I really found this game to be fun. I was able to get my hands a REALLY NICE HUO machine so I felt I got the full experience. For me I had a blast, but it just didn't have the lasting power and I can't put my finger on why exactly. Others who played it at my house really liked it so not too sure what was not fun about it for me over long periods. I do play it frequently though!

I want to update this after a lot more plays and really wish they incorporated the game Monopoly into it a lot better as well.
11 years ago
The game looks super cool, i definitely loved it! Now, I am a stop and go fan, but this game just didn't have the flow I was looking for. Played a magneto version if that helps.

I would say try it out, I can see some people loooving it. Just no lastability for me
11 years ago
This may be my favorite pinball of all time. Great game that I can play forever. The music an call outs are super awesome. I love the upper playfield and the game is fairly deep with what needs to get done for vacation jackpot. I don't think I would sell this game for some time and can only see it gaining in value as more people play it.
11 years ago
Played this game time or two recently and was intrigued. Got the chance to pick one up and love it. Played quite a few games on it and the variance of the clues makes me come back for more. The center ramp is easy to hit, but thats the point because you move up and down the elevator and at times need to hit it a lot to move down a lot of floors. Great theme, art and sound effects. The animations are easily top notch
11 years ago
Overall this game is great, there are lots to do and quite the cool theme that is tied together well with the genie on the playfield. I am a huge fan of this game. However, I do feel the game is a bit dark, which I know can be part of the whole arabian nights theme, but it doesn't alwways look as nice next to a white water or funhouse I have.

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