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8 months ago
sometimes you see lower ratings for Jubilee and I think it is unfair. I really like the looping ball mechanism in the middle of the playfield. It works just like a Newton's Cradle which I always thought was cool. Granted the open playfield maybe could have used a little more in terms of shots, I think it is definitely better than it's given credit for.
11 months ago
Eight Ball feels like an EM game with SS scoring. I like the bell chimes and appreciate that it was state of the art for it's time.
11 months ago
I like the old school multiball and the challenge of hitting the captive ball. I keep coming back trying to figure out the right timing to get the captive ball all the way.
11 months ago
I put Diner and Taxi in the same category and always play them both when I'm at my pinball club. I like the theme and hitting the cup is a fun sequence. I put Taxi a little ahead of Diner simply due to the repetitive drop target shots to serve the customers.
11 months ago
One of my favorite games, I remember playing as a kid. I like the constant challenge of picking up all of the passengers and there are vastly different shots to pick them all up.
11 months ago
OK, so the art is odd, but the bicycle pump next to the camel cracks me up. Beyond that, this is a fun EM game. Two ways to build the bonus, and two ways to build the multiplier including the big spinner in the middle that keeps you guessing. I have mine set to straight AAB so that the drop targets are constantly in play. Set it high in the back for fast play.
1 year ago
This is a great pin from 1966. The dot matrix rollover gives you a goal..spell out HOTLINE letter by letter. It's a great challenge and gives you something to keep trying for beyond simply more points.