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11 months ago
I really like this pin. It's quite different from many others. The missions could be repetitive but it''s difficult to terminate all of them. i don't like the roulette because the lucky or unlucky color may affect the final score.
11 months ago
The most classic of the classics is not out of fashion. A must have for any collection. It was my first love, first pin I ever played, so, probably, my rating is influenced from this. Great music, good rules, 4 bats, magnets so...lots of fun. Lights are not so good.
11 months ago
Not the worst pinball ever, but it will go down in history just for the helicopter
11 months ago
The pinball is fast and very fun. I don't really like the lower playfield (premium/le edition) (Pro is better). The rules aren't deep so it's easy to finish for medium players. A little bit ripetitive. Great artwork!
11 months ago
The lastability is poor because it is an easy and boring machine, always the same shoots.
The Pros: playfield artwork, cabinet artwork and a great theme. They could have done better: a missed opportunity!
11 months ago
I love this machine! I think it's a pinball made for players because we have great deep rules and you can choose your strategy at the start of the game. The upper playfield is well integrated with nice shots and doesn't effect the speed of the game so much.
I don't like animations and cabinet art of the premium version. Talking about toys I think the designers could have done a better job.
11 months ago
One of the most underrated machine of its era. Very fast game just for this, sometimes could be frustrating because quick drains off. Good rules easy to learn. A unique upper mini playfield!
11 months ago
A classic 90's era pinball. Still one of my favourite. Great flow, good rules, very fun machine. After one play, you want to play it again. The original topper is a gem. Must have!