Dodging thrown remotes

By Jowasty_PinEasy

June 19, 2021

40 days ago

As a young lad hanging out with my paps in a bar, I discovered the game of pinball. He would take me there  when he argued with my Stepmom. Her having a bad temper, things usually got heated, resulting in more broken remotes then a Kmart superstore. Being young and witnessing all this turmoil pinball was an escape.Barely tall enough to see the playfiend I was mesmorized by all the loud bangs of the mechanics and flashing lights, I knew I was hooked. At the time I was easily distracted by early 90s video arcades but being a bit older and somewhat wiser I have reignited my passion of the game and have deeper appreciation. The details of game design, art, sounds, programming, how they work electriconcally and mechanically are all fascinating to me. This is why I love the game of pinball and I'm sure many others due too.

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