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Pinsider JosiahCox has rated 19 machines.

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JosiahCox has written 19 rating comments:

1 year ago
This game is the most fun out of all of the games I have owned. Yes it has some issues but I would buy it again in a heartbeat. Pure - Pinball - Fun!
2 years ago
I just don't like playing this game. It feels like I should like this deck but none of the shots make me super happy and every time I look up at the screen I just can't get over how bad the animations are to my eye. The toy chest is awesome but aside from that nothing grabs me.

I'll keep playing it on route and maybe one day something will click but until that day comes I can't recommend this game.
4 years ago
Congo.... you beautiful beast. You are a diamond in the rough.
Non linear game play. Fun shots. Great sounds and call outs. The Volcano. So many reasons to love this game. It's a hard title to find in good condition but there are repro parts available.
Haters can nay say all they want. This game holds its own with any other pin and then some. It's a perfect compliment to the classic fan layouts and typical pinball conventions of modern based conquest.

Diamonds!!!!!! Dis game is worth dems.
4 years ago
Just got an IM Pro with a brand new PF installed and holy sweet baby Jesus..........

This pin is an ass kicker! And it has a one more game factor that I have never known before. I can't stop playing it and even though it seems like it should be easy, it's always a challenge.

Ill update the review after a while but for now, I love it.
4 years ago
What a fun and fast flowing System 3!

The rules and scoring are a bit tricky to understand at first but it really is a fun game. Hard to find one but I recommend it. Can be had for a decent price.
We just ours a couple of weeks ago and finally got it working 100% correctly last night. I'll update the review when I've had more time with it.
4 years ago
What a great playing, fun to look at game! Pity that it has suck a shallow rule set. I am currently babysitting this game and am having a blast playing it but I am already seeing how it would got old quickly unless you have a big collection. It is a ton of fun to play however. So fast and mean when set up right. Not sure it's really worth the going price for what you get game wise.
4 years ago
I wanted to like this game. I just don't. It feels clunky, the shots are decent but not great, and if I hear Edgar Winter playing Frankenstien one more time I'm gonna flip this game over.

I don't get why it's rated so high on pinside. I'll pass thanks.
4 years ago
Fun game. Just feels a bit too easy at times. The callouts and fun factor make up for that. A perfect game to play in a friend's home collection just not sure I want to own one. That being said it's pretty damn awesome and a ton of fun.

Elvira Rocks!!! Have you been Scared Stiff?
4 years ago
TZ.... you are a mystery to me.
I love your layout, your toys, your callouts. I even bought you in spite of the fact that I hate the way you shoot. And I really hated the way you shot. I even told people I'd not cross the street to piss on you if you were on fire..... that's how much I hated your gameplay.

And now after a few months of ownership I have come to appreciate you in a way that I never imagined. You are evil, that is true. But it's a joyful evil. I now understand you in a way that only home ownership can truly provide.

My reccomendation:
This is a game that can be really frustrating and fun. It's best played in a home environment. Control is key. Flailing about will punish you. Stay out of the pops. It really is a top ten game.
4 years ago
I own this game. Waited about 2 years after it was released to pick one up so all of the code issues could be ironed out and I can honestly say that it rocks!

Gameplay is amazing, shots feel great, rules are awesome, callouts are great.
I just think Stern nailed this one. It's their best pro package to date and other than Ghost Busters, it has their best Plainfield art of any modern Stern game.

There are a few different ways to play it in terms of strategy. It's easy enough for new players to grasp (shoot Sparky!!!) while at the same time being difficult for real players. This makes it have real long legs in a home environment.

Buy a used pro. You will not regret it.
5 years ago
I've had this game for about a month now and I am loving it. While it's not super difficult to get to the final with Germany I am finding it to be a very fun game that really appeals to guests. The magna save could have been designed better but overall it's a well put together game.

I'll update the review once I have had more time with it but for now I am very happy that I added it to the line up. Demo Man left to make room for it and I don't regret that decision at all.

Seems like a great game that is a little bit undervalued. Definitely play one if you get a chance.
6 years ago
My precious.
It's a pinball adventure against evil!
Ignore the crappy Stern artwork and let yourself enjoy this game for the gameplay, callouts and rules deeper than Moria. Fans of the books or movies will love it. Fans of pinball will love it.
Buy one for home use and get ready for long ball times and tons of fun.
This game and TSPP are some of, if not the best Stern games. Two thumbs up!
6 years ago
Fun game that suffers from bad artwork. Get past the way it looks and you have a super fast and fun widebody that will make any ramp/wireform fan real happy.
Great bang for the buck. The shots feel real solid when it's dialed in.
Two thumbs up.

EDIT: Had it for about a year and it got stale. It's a fun game, especially if you like ramps but it just didn't have that one more game feeling for me. Guests liked it a bunch and the handles made people interested but it just didn't have the legs to be a long term addition.
Still a game I would recommend if you can find it for a good price.
6 years ago
TAF - Not a game I would have bought without my wife's input but I am glad we did.
It's fun, and frustrating at the same time. The callouts are great. The playfield makes you choose your shots wisely.
Guests love this game. They are drawn to it and love it even though it can be harsh with no ball save.

Update: I have fallen in love with TAF. It's just got something special to it's total package that makes it a joy to play, even when it's kicking your ass.
It's a keeper.
6 years ago
EDIT: I was wrong. So wrong. I finally got some time on this game in mint condition in a home setting and hot damn is it fun. The rules are setup in a way that really make you feel like you are so close to SOS at all times. So much find to grind on game after game after game......

I am a convert and this deck is awesome!

I still just don't get this game. I try and try to like it but each time I play I am left walking away saying meh.

It's not bad by any means. It just seems soulless and sterile. But to each their own. Maybe I'll play one someday and it will click but until that time I can't give it high marks.
6 years ago
After playing many a TSPP on route I finally decided to buy one. I am so glad that I did.

All I can say is that this game, once set up real well and in a home setting, really shines. Everything works together to immerse yourself in a pinball experience that always makes me want just one more game. A shooters game for sure but even non pinheads love walking up and playing it.

Deep rules, fun shots, excellent callouts. I love it, more than any other in my line up currently.
It's not leaving my collection.
6 years ago
Stargate is a sleeping giant for sure. All I can say is that if you get to play one the is set up correctly I bet you will like it. It has great gameplay and looks like it would be an LE if it came out today. Great looking toys, backglass and artwork make it a welcome addition to any line up in my opinion. I don't understand how this title does not get more love but that is fine by me as it has kept the price down. Once you learn the rules and especially if you know the movie plot the game progression is a pure joy. By far my favorite Gottlieb title.

Update: This game still kicks pass. It's a keeper for me. Best bang for your buck game imo.
7 years ago
My first pinball love. This is a very fun game with tons of flow. Not the deepest of rulesets but plenty to do for the average player. Friends and family love it and I can't see it leaving the collection

Great Flow, love the ramps and loop shots.
Easy to follow rules make it fun for begginers.
Theme, at least to me it's rad.

Not lots of depth. I could see how this machine might get old unless you like the theme or flow.
The game music - you will either like it or hate it.

7 years ago
I just had one of these fall into my lap and this is my first opinion before any shopping.

This is a fun game and a remake of the '73 Royal Flush. I have never plaid the original EM but gather that this plays very much like it older brother..
The rules and scoring are pretty basic. Has some what of a skill shot with the joker next to the pop bumper lighting the 30K rollovers on the lanes. The knockdown targets to lock in card hands for bonuses is a great feature but once they are all down I find my self looking for more goals.

The playfield may seam simple but it can be very challenging. The out lanes seam to love eating balls off baddly placed shots. Certain shot into the upper playfield seem destined to float right back down the middle, somehow missing the flippers and center post and dropping right into the drain.
That being said I find the Joker shots to be rewarding and feel like this playfield is layed out to make you choose your shots well. I am finding it to be challenging in a good way.

A fun game and a fairly low production number. Glad I have mine as it's my first pin and fun to play but probably not something you would seek out unless a collector or you have nostalgia for this table.