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jooky has written 6 rating comments:

61 days ago
This game gets a lot of flack but it has some elements that work well if you have a big lineup. The ability to gamble basically your whole score is very unique. You could score a really big amount and then almost lose it all in one roulette wheel spin. Peter Gunn music never gets old. Has mod upgrade potential with making the roulette wheel spin. If you can pickup one for a decent price give it a spin! (rimshot)
61 days ago
Amazing achievement in putting so much into one pin. So much to shoot for and so many toys. Only down side is its limited run.
61 days ago
One of the toughest drain monsters out there. Watch the Bowen tutorial. Sold me on one!
61 days ago
If you like stacking modes, a kooky theme, shots that shoot like butter, then Elvira3 is the ticket! If you liked Scared Stiff then you still get the hand of fate spinning wheel and the trunk to lock balls. If you liked TAF then you have many rooms to explore and complete - some even under lock and key! If you wanted a bash toy then you got it! If you liked getting a wizard mode similar to WH20 Wet Willie's then you got Gappa Angry. And of course the house that can redirect the ball in any which way. This game is basically a best of hits of games past. How many other games have there been 2 pins of the same name before it? Only downside is the limited production. Will they make more? Only time will tell.
7 years ago
This is the pinnacle of pin design. There will never be one like this ever again.
8 years ago
What else can be said about the best selling game of all time? A record that will likely never get beat. Quite the feat by Lawlor and co. My wife absolutely loves this game too and she is not a die hard pinhead. Its a testament to the approachability of the game by all audiences. My only nitpick (and has been mentioned by others here) I wish the train shot wasn't a dead end but looped around instead. I know, its supposed to be a "train crash" but this would have helped with flow. Other than that this game will continue to be a favourite. Will likely never leave my small collection.