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By jonnyo

October 24, 2010

8 years ago




Wassup all. I'm Jon. I live in the CA Bay Area.

I coordinate a pinball map at which was recently joined to the Portland Pinball Map, which ads a nicer interface, events list and mobile app support (iPhone and Droid). I help out at Playland not at the Beach in El Cerrito one or two days each month. I play in two leagues: BAPA out of Sunnyvale and the East Bay Pinball League out of Concord. I've put on a couple tournaments.

I occasionally write for or have some odd project going, like building dangerous camera rigs to record pinball games.

This past year I've put a lot of time into Shows. I ran the Playland not at the Beach booth at Pin a Go Go. I worked the tournament and main show at California Extreme. And at PPE I worked the main show setup, put on a seminar with Mads Kristensen and helped run the tournament.

My latest little project is creating a blog to compliment the SF pinball map and try to get a bit of community going.

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8 years ago
I always digg reading your stories Jon,
thanks for keeping pinball alive on the west Coast
8 years ago
Keep the stories coming
7 years ago
Thanks for your dedication to running tournaments!

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