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3 months ago
I can’t get enough of this game!

Simple layout and easy to understand rules. Music and sounds that are the BEST in pinball. Amazing light show.

Probably one of the best modern day multiplayer pins.

My wife said it’s never leaving… that warrants a high grade on its own
4 months ago
TAF is a classic for a reason!

Great shots and layout. Every shot feels satisfying. Magnets are a fun gimmick. Thing is always a favorite for new players. Thing flips is a fun surprise.

Touring the mansion and hearing “showtime!” Are two of the best pinball moments in any game.

My only frustration with the game is the repetition. Right ramp, chair, repeat… this can get old.

Overall, great theme and fun game that still holds up today.
4 months ago
As a Turtles fan, this game was a bit of a letdown.

Very repetitive gameplay, uninspired shots, and generally not much to do.

The subway shot is the most rewarding shot and is a lot of fun, but if you want points… left ramp, right ramp, repeat.

Backglass art is decent. Cabinet art is dull.

I do like the cheesy call outs and music.

Worth a couple of quarters if you enjoy TMNT… the new Stern Turtles puts this game to shame though…
6 months ago
This game is pure fun

Destroying saucers never gets old.
Once dialed in, the left right ramp combos are buttery smooth.

And jiggly martians
This ones never leaving the collection
10 months ago
Super fun modern Stern! In my opinion, one of the best games out there.

Pros: Some of the best cabinet and playfield art of all time. Music and call outs are fantastic.
The shots are varied and all a lot of fun.
The start of turtle power multi ball is amazing :)
*If you install a shaker motor, ninja pizza multi ball has one of the coolest shaker effects ever on most recent code*
Great theme

Cons: The animations.... why does April look like this...
(Luckily the game is so fast you rarely look at the screen)

The rules are just ok for me. Feels kind of clunky... 123 foot seems to constantly be triggered accidentally and is distracting.
2 years ago
Amazing theme, great music and call outs, easy fun shots (the ring), DEEP rules.

Great pin for all skill levels