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2 years ago
Rick and Morty is a great pin to have in a collection. Aside from simply being fun, it has a few tricks up it's sleeve that make it unique and give it staying power:

1. Rule Immersion. Yeah, it's great that Spooky obtained license, audio and video assets. But it's more than that, it's how the rules of each adventure are structured around the story and each totally distinct form one another. These rules are much more than just shoot the ramps or hit lights without draining, they connect with the players brain to make an immersive experience. Throw in Scott's music and subtle audio effects like the Get Schwifty music and you have a winner.

2. Variety. The design of overlaying dimensions with random adventures makes the sequencing different each time, as well as the way adventures are handled. It also changes the way that you might play a given adventure (Consider how you'd play Blood Dome with triple scoring on the right side, vs triple scoring to the scoop vs being in the TNA dimension vs 1/2 scoring on right - where you'd focus on leaving the dimension with minimal flips). It also creates some unique moments when 1+1=3, here are a few I've come across...
-Strobe dimension during Blood Dome, makes it look like cage fight.
-Twilight Zone dimension during Roy, you have no idea what to shoot for.
-Pickle Rick during night vision.
-Pirates of the Pancreas in the fart dimension.

Yep, this game is a keeper.