the Arcade

By JON1826

July 20, 2012

7 years ago

Growing up in Southern California, I was lucky enough to be able to go to our mountain cabin on weekends, located in The Valley of Enchantment, near Crestline California. This was in the late 60's through the late 70's. In this small village was an Arcade, where you could play miniature golf, bounce on trampolines and in the arcade was an assortment of Shooting Gallery machines, Big Ball Bowlers and of course Pinball machines.

I had to use a stool in those days to play the Shooting Galleries and Pinball, but it was my first introduction to these games and I loved it! I was not at all good at them, but loved them all the same...

My older Cousins, who were always with me, helped me over the years to improve, but good scores or not, it was always great fun in that place.

In those days, all the machines were EM and there was always something neat about dropping in your money and hitting the button and watching and hearing those score reels reset before your game could begin... (you know the sound)

Fast forward 30 years and I finally decided to buy my first pin. It's a 1976 "Old Chicado" EM machine. I wanted to bring back some childhood memories I guess and play a EM again. What started as 1 a couple years ago has now turned into 4 machines. I love the sounds and play of the EM's but I have also added 2 SS. pin's into the mix.

It seems to be a common thread with people, that once you buy 1, it starts something in motion and the collecting of more and more pin's begins... I have falen into that catagory. I am constantly looking for that next purchase, but space and money seem to limit me. Of course, I thought I only had room for one pin a couple of years ago, now if I could find room for a "Big Ball Bowler" I'd be set!

Good luck to all on your collecting and playing!!

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7 years ago
Same era for me, nothing like the EM's and early SS machines for sight and sound!!!!
7 years ago
I agree, great art and sounds...I have one newer machine, from 1990. They all have there own special traits...
7 years ago
I started playing on machines in the early 70s. Sad part is I don't remember a single title before oh... Black Knight ish.
7 years ago
Enjoyed reading that. I now know what you mean about once you buy one...
7 years ago
I wish I could remember those late 60s and early 70 titles myself...I started playing again in the early 80s. Pins like: Firepower, Splash, Six Million Dollar Man, Black Knight, Xenon, Kiss... All good pins.
4 years ago
I just saw your comment on my profile. Looks like we were in the same place at the same time. Sounds like we have gone back to common threads and revisited our love of the simpler days! I am still having a blast and just picked up another one (I am also limited by room so had to let one go as well). I enjoyed your story, any day I think about those mountains are a good day!

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