The O'Brien pin palace..

By JoinTheCirqus

October 10, 2012

7 years ago

Began on the video game side of things, and built up to a collection of 10 arcade games in the garage. Had a friend stop by to play one evening, and he told me about a new technology (MAME). This was in 2002. After listening and doing some research, I realized that my $1000/each arcade collection was about to be assimilated onto 1 platform and would quickly devalue. Within 6 months, all vids were sold, and I purchased my first pinball machine, TZ. Within 1 year, I was hooked. I began to learn how to repair a machine (hey, it's a TZ, right?), and thus began my pinball obsession.

My collection quickly grew to fill whatever space was assigned. First, 3 pinball machines (that's all I will need honey!). Then, a basement expansion, and poof! 6 machines. Then, we moved and I had an upstairs theatre room for use, that looked like it could hold 13 (13!) pins. I was thrilled. I quickly filled that up, and now have had as many as 17 pins in the room at one time. I have now resettled back to 15 pins.

I've met some of the greatest people through this hobby, I feel truly blessed.

I've bought and sold many pins during that time, some I've missed and repurchased (MB), some I've not missed at time (SWT).

Now I believe my collection has reached a more 'mature' stage when I am very careful to make changes to the pins, since I've now learned what I like and don't like to play.

Favorite pin: MM (theme).

Bottom 10 (wouldn't own them if you gave them to me).

- W?D, Elvis, Future Spa, NF, SWT, FH (can't have that head in the house), RS (see comment on FH), HH, BH, NBAFB.

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