Thanks Google!

By JohnnyPinball007

October 04, 2021

19 days ago

About 5 years ago I Googled pinball machines. (I had owned pinball machines in the past, but it had been almost 3 decades, and I was craving getting one after so many years).

I never knew Pinside existed, until it came up all the time in my Google searches. 

For a long time I only looked at the top 100, and read the comments there.

At first I only joined Pinside about 8 months after I started looking at everything here, because I wanted to be a member to sell games in the future that I was tired of, and wanting something new.

My first NIB after so many decades was a Metallica premium, and I would look at the owner thread about the game in the forum, to help me with any issue I may have.

Then I started noticing the OT forums, NFL and different stuff.

Anyway, here we are 5 years later after Google alerted me this site existed, and I love Pinside!

I have never been on facebook or any of that, Pinside is my only social media. 

I am glad all of the OT topics and having fun is allowed, while at the same time there are rules to keep everything fun. 

I do not know much about working on a pinball machine, but I know a little, and I help when I see a post that I know something about.

And no reason to really get into topics about what game is better, everyone is different, and likes different games, so let the top 100 votes answer those questions. 

But because we have entertainment OT topics, I can fill my void with that, helping people to laugh, since I am not able to help much with most issues a game has. 

Thanks Google!

If not for you, I would have never known this site even existed. 

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