Pinball = awesome old memories, and now awesome fun times again

By JohnnyPinball007

May 29, 2017

5 years ago

I remember the good old days, disco like ABBA playing, and pinball machines. Then one Christmas Dad bought me a E.K. It was awesome. Later I added some games before life changed and I had to get rid of them all. 

Now I have 3 awesome Stern games, if able to later I will add more Stern games. Yes they are all a tad similar, and a lot of people hate Stern, but I love the fact that I can call on the phone and get free support when there is a issue. 

It is a real shame there are no gamerooms nearby with pinballs, but that is really ok, no need throwing money away in someone else's machine. 

I may or may not rate machines later, I do very much enjoy looking at the rankings and reading the comments on this site. 

If for any reason I ever need to or want to sell a machine, I would for sure use this site and donate to this site. 

For the record, while I like Metallica the best, Ghostbusters gets way more plays, my friends and girlfriend just like it the most. I also like the Walking Dead, never even seen the show, just played a lot of games on location one time, and fell in love with that game. 

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2 years ago

Good story. But, It might just me, It's ok to through a few bucks in someone's machine. I wish there were more places to enjoy different machines and for those pinball owners to take a chance at just trying to break even.

2 years ago

Keep those Natty Lights cold!

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