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1 year ago
This game is a WHOLE LOT of FUN!
1 year ago
I was never into the Godzilla movies, did not hate them, was just not into them. When I first seen one of these I was thinking I don't know, a whole lot of people like it, I will give it a try.

By the 3rd game I had seen enough that I was like yeah, this game has a whole lot of cool features.

By the 20th game I wanted to keep going and see more. This game is AWESOME! And highly addictive.

I thought it would be tacky/geeky, etc., it is not, it is very well done.

Very nice that I can see the entire playfield without having to look around anything or make myself taller.

Also nice that it is very fast and great flow, while also forgiving. It seems like every time I get a seldom but there, cheap drain it gives another ball instantly.

The only bad thing at all I can say about this game is that I cannot find the extra ball light anywhere on the playfield, so I have no clue what I hit to get a extra ball. Not complaining, but I do like to know where that light is at, so I can aim for it when it is lit.

Oh, and another thing is the skill shot when I plunge, I love it, it is a shot that actually takes some skill and practice.

This is the most addictive game I have played in a very long time.
1 year ago
Awesome game! Zipper flippers, multi-ball and dinosaurs. Lots of cool features for such an early game.
2 years ago
This is a very awesome game. So many things to try for, and when you can get further into it, just amazing all the new stuff you get to try for. I would rate this game a 10, except for the fact when in some modes the playfield gets so dark I have trouble seeing the ball well. I do like that effect, cool to see something different, but could use a little more lights at times.
2 years ago
Yes I gave it a perfect score, because it is exactly what I have been looking for, for a very long time.

Compared to a pin it would only be maybe a 3.5/10, but this is not a pin.

When I was young I played more pitch and bat games than pins, and I wanted to play a pitch and bat again, except with a modern machine.

My Mom loves this game also, she plays it every time she is here, says it is the most fun game I have ever had.

If you loved pitch and bat games as a child, and want a awesome modern one, you will like this game.
6 years ago
I have never cared anything about any super hero characters, but this machine plays awesome! The first place I played was loud and I could not hear the machine, and all was awesome. Then I played a place that was quiet, and the callouts are geeky and repetitive. I would love to have one, I would just keep the sound way down.
6 years ago
Me and a friend just played this several times on location. It was very fun, and we constantly won games and did not know how.

Not sure I would ever own one if I had the chance, but when out I would try it again.

It was fun, and my friend loved it.
6 years ago
I played this on location 2 days ago. It was cool, but also seemed slow and bulky to me. It was awesome that the ball saved so many times, but I never could get it, and was just playing all I could, doing the best I could, knowing I do not want to put another 1.00 in it, but I wanted to play as long as I could, and it said I had the high score for the day. And my friend played later, and also had the high score for the day, and I noticed it was lower than what I did. I really think this game was just set up at the location to say anyone that played made the high score.

This game room had all the latest games, this one was the best, but I only played it one time. I would play it again in the future and see if it grows on me. Some new games.........NO, but this one, we will see, it is bulky but cool.
6 years ago
The first 5 games I could not figure this machine out, mainly the cannon. The next 5 games I still had only had 2 extra balls and 4 games total with any multi-balls. This game is tough in a great way!

This machine is a real piece of art, just beautiful and detailed to look at, and play.

The callouts are brutal or nice, depends on how you do. The music is awesome, the lights and everything is just awesome.
6 years ago
I used to have this, and I do miss it.
6 years ago
Awesome game, and flipper gap is not as bad as some say.
6 years ago
This is a very fun game.

Edit: A whole lot of games have come and gone, but this one is still here, and it would be the last game that I ever part with. I still hear new callouts all the time, just the other night the game said, "you suck at this don't you", and me and my girlfriend were both laughing about that.

We love the game so much, that we have it set on 10-ball.
6 years ago
I came close to getting one of these, someday I may yet. I do not like the show, but this is a very fun game.
6 years ago
My personal favorite pin period. The only thing I do not like is when in special modes still hard to figure out what I am supposed to aim for.

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