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John_in_NC's ratings

Pinsider John_in_NC has rated 22 machines.

This page shows all all these ratings, and forms John_in_NC's personal top 22.

Rating comments

John_in_NC has written 20 rating comments:

1 year ago
My Fair Lady Theme, last of the Roy Parker Games. Great art. Unusual flipper layout makes this a great change of pace game in a collection but not a sole machine IMO.
1 year ago
Card Theme, unusual "non-Wedgehead" single player cabinet. Very fun to collect cards and the random spinner makes it fun for all skill levels. Nice inlane design.
6 years ago
What a sleeper. I have permanent keepers in my collection and some that I buy to play for a while and sell. JM is quickly crossing into the keeper category. Super fast and a lot to do. Lousy movie great pin. I have not seen such an underrated title since RS or Wh20. Clearly a better playing pin than either of those and those are also keepers.
7 years ago
Fast and fun themed, worthy of it's recent rise in popularity. You have to be country though.
7 years ago
I think Wh2O is a fun game but don't quite get all the fuss over it lately. It is a solid B title to me but I might not be in the majority any more in my thinking. Fun and good "flow" pardon the pun. I would probably still own mine if it had a nicer playfield. It's gotten so popular lately, I'm afraid that ship has sailed.
7 years ago
Drain monster but winable. If you like drop targets, 2001 has em. Different and fun to play.
7 years ago
Pretty and challenging, may be a bit random with all the pops & unintended bonus sequence resets via pop to stand-up targets but it's another classic and beautiful Roy Parker artwork package.
7 years ago
Great pin if you have kids but challenging enough for adults. One of my first owned DMDs, wish I still had one.
7 years ago
Fast, good flow, decent rules, the cannon, meh...
7 years ago
If you like fast simple games, look no further. One of the best bangs for the buck in the hobby.
7 years ago
Not for everyone but just about. This machine has lots of great toys, well deserving of it's "A" status. Game rules and gameplay are very good. Eye Candy for sure.
8 years ago
You have to love WPT and drop targets, Backglass art is HORRIBLE, gameplay so so. Fun for a while but not a keeper for me.
8 years ago
Easy to understand, fun to play, excellent theme. Nice spinning wheel toy adds to the ramdom/luck factor I like in an EM. Great game, a keeper.
8 years ago
Not too complicated but fun. Very advanced features and scoring for an EM.
8 years ago
Underrated game. It turns people off with it's low scoring but it brings many unique features to the table with excellent theme tie-in, linked gameplay and fantastic audio.
8 years ago
Nostalgic, great theme. I prefer short flippers on EMs though, personal preference. Long flippers begat longer ball times and deeper rules so then I gravitate to modern pins for that gameplay.
8 years ago
My desert island pin. I'll never beat it and I love it for that. I lose interest once I make a conquest. Wish I would have remembered that before I got marred. Just kidding honey!
8 years ago
One of the classic animated backglass wedgeheads from the 60s, a must own. Animated backglass, classic layout, nostalgic, It has everything I look for in an EM.
11 years ago
Arguably the best pin ever made. Deep rules, lots of skill needed to even scratch the surface.
11 years ago
Fun theme, nice ruleset, not too deep but plenty to do. Lots of shots. Very good if you want just one pin with appeal to all skill levels.