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23 days ago
This is a great game, especially the LE and Premium. It is fast and has a ton of flow with amazing combo shots. The combo to the upper flipper ramp is a very satisfying shot. The Electric Magic assembly (rising spinner) is a great toy and the ball flows through in both directions so it doesn't block the playfield like a normal bash toy would. The Electric Magic Frenzy is one of the best multi balls in a long time to say the least. Hook up that subwoofer and enjoy the best music in any pin.
3 months ago
This is truly a great shooting Steve Ritchie game with fantastic theme. Four ramps of pure flowing action with almost no stopping. Combo shots are rewarded and really fun to see how long you can keep them going. I love spinners and they play a central role in this game. Also, the upper flipper ramp on the LE and Premium is one of the most satisfying shots in pinball. The expression lighting is really awesome and takes the lighting to a whole new level. Don't knock it until you have actually played it.
4 months ago
Hard to believe this is not in the EM top 10. Spanish Eyes is a great and challenging game. The ball is wild in this game and there are so many ways to both lose the ball and save the ball with the center pop bumper. The game is also a nudger's dream. Play one with good flippers and well adjusted pop bumpers and then rate it.
6 years ago
I never really gave this game a chance until recently. It is truly a sleeper and under rated game. Currently looking to add one to my collection!!
6 years ago
Compared to just about any other game from this time frame, this game it basically terrible. Data East really didn't get it at a time that Williams/Bally were really pumping out all time classics.
7 years ago
This may be my new favorite EM of all time. I got it at the same time that I got STLE and if anything it has received more play in my gameroom. It is fast and challenging. Simple, yet perfect rule set that does not get old. One of my friends has been playing it constantly every time he comes over. Previously he never played any EM games more than once or twice (except 2001) and sticks to the DMD machines.
7 years ago
Incredible game! Was very skeptical until I saw pictures and then played many games on it. This is an instant classic. My favorite Borg game of all time and another great Lyman Sheats ruleset. really satisfying shots. Great sound, great rules and the best lighting on any game ever. This game can be comfortably played in the dark.
7 years ago
Lot of fun! Another drop target fest with a unique layout. I like the theme and artwork a lot better than Vulcan.
8 years ago
This is truly a great game. My favorite wedgehead. The game is brutal though. Expect very short game times!
8 years ago
Another great EM with a ton of drops. The resetting center drop targets are great fun if you can keep it from draining. This is a truly great EM that came from Gottlieb when they were at the top of their game.
8 years ago
This is a great game with a ton of drops. Playfield used in many other games. This one has the best artwork of any EM in my opinion. The backglass is an all time classic.
8 years ago
Possibly my favorite game ever for head to head competition. Tons of drop targets and the pop bumper placement is genius!
8 years ago
Shortest lived WPC game ever in my collection. Never regretted selling it. Beautiful game, but not one that made me want to come back and play more.
8 years ago
Fun and solid WPC game. I enjoy playing it at shows but tire of it quickly. Definitely not a top ten game to me. More like top 50.
8 years ago
Best game I have ever owned. I waited a long time before reviewing this game in order for the newness to wear off. The newness has worn off and it is still my favorite game ever.
9 years ago
I love this game plain and simple. It is different from the other run of the mill 90's games in both looks and game rules. With the new home ROM installed this is an all time classic and a keeper in even a small collection.
9 years ago
This is a great game. Got a bad rap when it first came out because it was the first game with the new SAM boardset and their were tons of problems and defects with the boards and software. Eventually the bugs were worked out and the software was polished and extremely deep. This is an amazing Steve Ritchie design with 16 drop targets!! More hardware on this playfield than almost any game I can think of. A true bargain at what they are selling for these days.
9 years ago
This is a really good game. Not my favorite of the 90's games, but I had fun with it. I prefer Twilight Zone over this game.
9 years ago
This is an all-time classic, solid feeling game from the master Steve Ritchie. Software is very deep and absolutely complete. This game is as good if not better than anything released by Williams in the 90's. Amazing flow. Funny sound bytes - especially Mr Jamison. Also, very reliable and well built. I bring it to shows, it gets 500+ plays, I bring it home and wipe the playfield, change the balls and you would never know it had moved.
9 years ago
This is a great theme and a really great game for beginners, guests and kids. It got old for me pretty fast compared to other games like Attack From Mars, Whitewater, Spiderman, WMS Indiana Jones, and most other A-listers.
9 years ago
Great game and definitely and all-time classic (A-Lister). Not quite as good as AFM though.