It was a dark and stormy night....

By John41051

March 15, 2017

2 years ago

No, no...not really. Just a memory from a 67 yr old Midwestener who remembers playing Spot-em (a renamed Bally 6-card bingo) in Norwood, Ohio during the 60's. We played in a pool hall called "Benny's". Benny's was on the second floor. You were able to reach the pool hall by climbing a large flight of wooden steps to the upper floor. There were probably 6 bingo machines that made considerable money for the owner. We swapped 5 dollar bills for rolls of dimes and played away. If we were lucky enough, we would score $20 bucks for a five-in-a-row. Our favorite was the 1-2-9-10-13 row on the second card. We called it the "rookie row" for reasons that escape me now. 

I have a "Spot-em" that I found in Indianapolis a few years ago in for repair. It's due to be finished in a few days. Can't wait to get it home and bring back a few memories. Stay tuned for updates.

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