22 years and still cant break free of this bad habit.

By joey__p__1966

October 06, 2015

4 years ago

Not much to say really,My name is Joey, I'm 50 years old. and live outside Atlanta. I bought my first pin in 1993, Williams Space Station, got the bug and still love 'em. I like to refurb and repair, luckily they break a lot. Bought some pretty rough ones straight from the route, brought em back to life. Bought some where someone else put 50+ hours and too much money into, and haven't done a thing to it. I love Pat Lawlor games, and system 11 era games. I have a daughter who grew up playing pinball , and a wife who tolerates my hobby , and the 10 hour round trip drives to get a great deal out of state.

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