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3 years ago
Prettiest game out there , love the colors and how bright it is .
3 years ago
Love this game, its the prettiest game out there that I have ever seen. Very nice flow, absolutely beautiful play field and lamp inserts. Only played about 10 games on a Pro and about 5 on a LE, but WOW! what a game.
3 years ago
Kind of new to me, maybe Ill rate it higher later, Might need to read more about rules and such.
3 years ago
I may be bias, but this game is awesome! Condition Green , nuff said. Seriously, the best light show on any game ever, kind of dark playfield, but the use of flashers and an "all green GI" mode makes this game the best in light show hands down. Had mine since 1993, first game for me, never will sell it.
3 years ago
For an EM its a fun game, it sits beside my TZ, WW, RS, WH2O etc. and still I play it . Something about going back to pinballs roots once in a while. Its been in my family since 1978 , passed down twice and I treat it like a baby. Nice spinner shots, love the bonus multiplier drops, and the drops in the pop bumpers keeps you nudging it for days up there . In lanes are tricky, trapping a ball on a flipper is a challenge, darn fine game from that era. Gotta keep playing it regularly, cant let it sit... don't know how to work on these old dudes and i assume sitting idle is the worst thing I could do to it.
3 years ago
Great game, theme is a little bad for me, but if you put a different theme with the same playfield it would be a top 20 game. Lots of ramps, get good and pull off the three way combo and hit blast zone. Tough shot through pop bumpers, and shelter shot is narrow. Fun game, good family pin, if your into trucking, or country music it will be the most awesome thing ever! I think this game will increase in value, its fun to play once you get past the theme. Certainly worth having as an add on in a collection or to a country music lover.
3 years ago
Fast game play, not a real pretty game to look at, not too bad either. Lots of ramps and upper playfield flipper shots are fun. Game moves quick with good flow. Not my favorite game, but worth keeping. Ive had mine for 15 years, so i guess it will stay till the end.
3 years ago
Had mine for 15 years, when I want a challenging game I go to this pin, I'm the only one in my family that plays it, and it will kick your butt some days, but I still come back. I rarely get to LITZ final mode, maybe once every 50 plays. It is a beautiful game, absolutely awesome to look at. Not my gonna catch a quick game pinball machine, but its my pride of the heard. Most of the time after I play this game I remember how awesome it is to play.
3 years ago
I have many "A" list games , ES gets more play than any other ( especially by my wife) ES is a keeper for sure. I finally did a strip down , clearcoat, replaced everything shop out recently and it plays AWESOME! Its a great game where you could have only this one. Not too complicated, and just plain fun. TZ is a game that needs something fun beside it ,for your friends that don't play pinball often, so get an ES to put beside it for them. The right ramp is easy enough with the kick out beside it to make it fun for an intermediate player. Backglass art is great, playfield is very colorful and looks great, and nice open shots. It has the "through the pop bumpers" shot Pat Lawlor is famous for, for the spinner points.
For a game that is still reasonably affordable, its a deal. I like it better than Whirlwind, and play it 3 times more often. When buying one, check that the Cal/Nev divide works like it is supposed to when you lock your first ball up the right ramp, it should open up and stay open until the ball goes into the celler.
20 + years and still play it more than any other, says something about it. just my 2cents :-)