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7 days ago
Weak flippers and clunky shots up the middle. But if you love the movie you'll love the game.
6 months ago
It has proven to be slightly too easy for an experienced player. I completed High Noon and won the yhe game after only 1 week of play. But I still keep coming back again and again bc it's fun to play. It very approachable to for a beginner who can immediately have gun and feel successful. The theme is easily recognizable and has staying power across decades. It's a game I plan to keep for a long time.
2 years ago
This was my first pin and the first time I restored/upgraded a machine. It's a big job to remove all the playfield and remember how it all goes back together. But once it was done the game played like new. I have really enjoyed the game-play and scoring. The game is addictive (in a good way) and keeps you wanting to try again. I've scored over 5 billion points in my best game and I still want to play it again. The flow of the game is good and all ramps are easily accessible (though the right ramp is a little tricky and the left loop is a tough shot. I like that there are two ways to win at the game - complete all multiballs OR complete all missions + demo time. It's a relatively easy game to explain to a new player and all who play it seem to enjoy it right away. I love the Williams wide body cabinet and all the room that gives to the playfield. Most parts are readily available too, that makes it easy to own and repair. The playfield artwork has been called out as boring... but I think it fits the theme and helps the player know what to shoot and when. I have played many other pins rated higher than DM that I didn't find as fun or engaging. I would think this game should rank higher given the rarity of the widebody design and the fun flow of the game.
2 years ago
This is the second pin I have owned and restored. This game is much more complicated with tremendous below playfield tech. After fully disassembling the playfield and performing a deep shop treatment, I tracked down a few playfield plastics and upgraded the ships, cannons, rubbers, Color DMD, LEDs, and custom painted the borg ship. The game is now good as new. The game play is simple but with some hard to make ramp shots. I love the staged balls in the poppers so when a ball goes down the hole at the top of the playfield another ball immediately pops out at the bottom left... almost like it "teleported". One of many super cool features of this game. The upper right flipper shot to the delta quadrant ramp is a tough shot but so satisfying when you make it either the ball travels the wire form all the way across the playfield OR goes into the borg ship to be fired straight down the playfield towards the right flipper. The sounds are awesome and quickly draw you into the game. The light shows are like none I've ever seen especially during multiball modes and oddly once the game is over the flasher light show is enough to keep you standing at the machine. I was never a star trek fan but I really like this machine and the call outs feel dramatic and then funny too. I added out-lane extenders to make the game drain a bit less (highly recommend this). Oh yeah and no review would be complete without mentioning this is the only game with ball cannons! literally you shoot the ball across the machine at a variety of targets using rotating ball cannons atop the slingshots. This is definitely one of a kind pin with a popular classic theme and gameplay that never gets old. Highly recommend!

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