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1 year ago
This is my third CGC remake and the first time I have received my game so early in the batch.

I played the game initially at factory settings {full code} for the first few games. I then scaled things back to the original code and lighting setting to see what I liked/hated about it.

Likes: Games has a great sound systems and all the sounds and music are much better quality that the CC that I played a year ago.
Having a big color display really makes the game feel like its made the transition from a 1997 game to a 2020 game.
Lighting on the game can be customized to meet your needs.
Game has the build quality of a tank.
There is a complete game there that you can access by just changing a setting. I think that gives owners total control of which version they wish to play.

Not fun stuff: The seems to be a bit of speaker vibration {distortion} out of the right speaker for some reason. I noticed more when playing a higher volume. I did have the tweak the pop bumper switches a bit or the ball would live in the pops for a full minute.

Final verdict: If you want to buy seemingly finished code, solid audio and video assets, and a game to me that plays very much as the original, you will not be disappointed with the preorder/purchase.
3 years ago
More eye candy than the Pro, but a great playing game overall.
3 years ago
One of the best games Stern has produced in years. Great theme integration and awesome ruleset.
4 years ago
Very fun game. Modes can feel like "chopping wood" at times. Beautiful art package with great music.
5 years ago
Game is fantastic. Orbits are tight but the other shots are pretty easy to make. Modes are very good and the lighting is first rate. The music and sounds are fantastic as well. Animations in the game were very well done. A keeper for those of us that like music pins...
5 years ago
After playing the game in a home environment, I had to update the rating. Co-Op mode is one of the neatest modes ever in a game. Shots are well laid out and quality is spot on. The game is once of the best titles to come out in the last few years.
5 years ago
Got the game thinking code was going to stink. It is a real blast to play. With finishing touches this could be another TWD. Game looks awesome and hearing old KISS songs hearkens back to my teenage days. Buy one, mod it, enjoy.
7 years ago
Regularly play an LE with Pinball Refinery addons. The game is really cool and flows so well. I may own one at some point if I get rid of another Borg game.
9 years ago
Played this one a while back and finally decided to put up a rating. Better game than I expected due to all the negative comments. Pretty good flow and I like the artwork. Would be a nice addition in a mid size or larger collection.
9 years ago
Played the game for quite a while on location. Tons of interesting shots and really cool light show. The game code is very young and this could get much better.
9 years ago
This game is a real gem. Played it enough in the last tro trips to the arcade to give it a rating. Flow on this game is great. Moving target is well implemented in this game. With LEDs this game is really cool.
9 years ago
Hard to see the ball in a dark room when playing WOZ with the newest code. Game itself is beautiful and well built. Monitor is really cool for video clips. Game play is just so-so.
10 years ago
Finally got to play one of these and I was a bit disappointed. Very interesting layout with some neat side games ( jump rope and speed bag) to goof around with on the playfield. It just didn't feel like I was playing a pinball machine more like a hybrid video game pinball. It was fun but I lost interest pretty fast.
10 years ago
Played this last week at Joystix Arcade. The game is good but needs code updates to be great. The hammer does block the sparky shot a bit and the snake shot seemed to be a pain in the butt. Overall a great effort...not quite to AC/DC yet but has promise to be better.
10 years ago
This game was not my cup of tea. Odd layout and played poorly as setup.
10 years ago
Played quite a few games on Iron Man this weekend. I was surprised about the "cheapness" of the machine overall. Stern really cut corners on this one. It is a real blast to play and has a great flow. The shots are very satisfying and there is plenty to do. I think I prefer Spiderman over this one by a bit...

Updated review after playing IMVE. Why is this not a top 20 game?
10 years ago
This game should get better as the code matures. Flow on the pro is better to me and you really don't miss some of the gadgets from the LE.
10 years ago
Played this for the first time last night. Never could get in a real flow with this game. Didn't like the layout at all. Not my cup of tea...
10 years ago
A pretty neat game with easy to pick up rules. Looks great with LEDs. It has some neat features (goalie & magnets) and a cool looking play field. I am not much of a soccer fan but the theme is still cool.
10 years ago
Finally got play time on this machine. I was no expecting it to be this good. Great rules, fast, toys...what's not to like.
10 years ago
After playing a bad example of this game I found one locally to play. The game is way better than I remembered. I liked it so much I bought one.
11 years ago
This may be the most complete pinball game I have played. Ruleset is there and requires patience to complete all the modes. Beautiful playfield with nice toys. The flow of the game is awesome...
11 years ago
Game flow was good but not great. Maybe I needed 10 more games to get a good feeling from the game.
11 years ago
Very cool game. I bought mine as a fixer upper and this thing is a blast to play even dirty. Good ramp placement and fast ball play make this one a real keeper. Very good bang for the buck!
11 years ago
Owned a premium and sold it. Got a pro since I really missed game play.
11 years ago
Re-rating this game after several games this weekend. This game really is a blast to play. Good toys and an interesting play field arrangement kept me coming back for another game.
11 years ago
Played the LE version for the first time. This machine is just awesome! Lighting is great and there are nice toys to keep you occupied. Music was good if you are AC/DC fan. Game play is fast and challenging but I was not super impressed with the mini-play field. It was cool but didn't add anything to the game.

Update: Mini playfield has grown on me. The game was so good I bought one. I just put a shaker and upgraded the amp for the sub...awesome much higher.
11 years ago
A very under rated game. Nice lighting and the play field is really well laid out. Multiball is where this game shines...
11 years ago
I think this machine should be a top 25 pin. Ramps take some time to master. My biggest knock on the game is that the huge batcave blocks the upper left part of the machine. It makes for some intense shots especially in multiball. Great sound and cool lighting (I love the green lit ramps).

One of the cooler aspects is the team play scoring. Had a blast with some other pinheads the other night playing teams.
11 years ago
I could just never get into this game. Too much stop and go play. It feels like a poor man's TZ.
11 years ago
Just got a MM on a temporary trade for my collection. The game has made me change my ratings as it is better than I originally recognized. Layout and callouts are awesome. Theme is perfect and lastability may be a six.

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