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2 years ago
It's an exceedingly simple layout with incomprehensible rules. Not only is the LCD screen underutilized, when there is art or text, it's often misaligned during repatitive animations. No lore, no cohesion, no fun. You can't make your game bouncier than a coked up rabbit and expect me to hit side targets over and over again. Especially with black rubbers over black flippers. Try purple, that seems to work for you everywhere else... And why is the top third of the playfield non-existent? I've never seen so much wasted real estate on a solid state machine. It's honestly just an unambitious machine that doesn't try to appear otherwise.
2 years ago
Why does this Monster Bash have an AC/DC lower playfield?
2 years ago
It feels like a JJP game through & through without offering enough new from WoZ or Hobbit to win me over.
3 years ago
Too hard for casual players.
3 years ago
I don't like fields that have an auto drain when shots are missed.
3 years ago
Why was I sleeping on this machine for so long? Excellent plays!!!
3 years ago
The first machine I fell in love with.