John Mountjoy's Pinball Story

By jmountjoy111

July 18, 2013

9 years ago

I had always been a fan of pinball since I was little. Everytime we passed by Alladin's Castle I would beg my Dad for quarters. I wanted a machine of my own but could never come up with the cash to get one. My alltime favorite game was Pinbot and it just so happened that it was the first one I acquired.

I began trading things on Craigslist with the intentions of building up to a pinball machine. After a few months my goal finally came through. I traded some old guitar amplifiers for Pinbot, Xenon and Genesis. The Pinbot was in great shape but the other two were a work in progress.

I planned initially on keeping the Pinbot and dealing the others off. However, I am now completely addicted to pinball. I sold the Xenon Machine because I got a great offer and it had massive playfield wear. I traded the Genesis machine but I missed it so bad that I went and repurchased it. 

Wow!  I just reread this story and laughed a the thoughts I had then of keeping machines forever.  A ton of machines have come and gone and I am sure that there will be many many more to follow in the never ending quest to build a collection of "keepers."  It really made me think back of all of the adventures I have had building a pinball collection, the wonderful friends that I have met along the way, and the endless fun of the hunt!!! 

Pinball is a wonderful hobby and one that I am glad to have gotten in to.

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