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By Jmhennig

January 17, 2016

5 years ago

I'm an 80s kid now in my mid-thirties. I played tons of arcade and pinball games in the 80s and especially the 90's during the heyday...for pinball, Particularly modern classics like Twilight Zone, Indiana Jones (the Pinball Adventure) and Attack from Mars. During high school in the Mid 90s, some friends and I would go to a local bowling alley, sneak in a flask, smoke cigarettes, and try to beat each other's scores on a beat up Twilight Zone. I think grand champion was around 2.5 Billion. I maybe got to around 2B once but could never get quite crack the top spot. Getting to Lost In The Zone was SO thrilling, especially more than once! So much nostalgia looking back.

As a bachelor in the mid-2000s, I bought a "Hook" pinball that I found cheap, had fun with it for a while, That game never had the depth and titillating experience that TZ or IJ could provide. After a year or two, I was forced to sell as my wife (then fiancé) decided some "redecorating" was in order haha. I didn't feel too bad losing that one.

Now that I have a little more room in the finished basement of our house, I recently picked up a mostly stock, HUO Twilight Zone and currently in the process of tricking it out with tons of mods and upgrades. Some day I'll have the room and cash to get a hand full more machines...10 seems like a good number for pinballs; also will do a multi-Cade w Golden Tee Live, Shuffleboard, pool table, etc. I'm thinking I need to get the following (I'll post in wish list as well): Indiana Jones (TPA), The Addams Family Gold, Monster Bash, Lord of the Rings, Attack from Mars, South Park, Theatre of Magic, Wizard of Oz, Monopoly, Rollercoaster Tycoon. Yeah, 10 is at least a good start :-)

All I needed was yet another hobby (with a heavy dose of sarcasm)...looks like I'm now a pinhead and glad to be part of your community!


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