1970's Bally Machines

1970's Bally Machines

By JMBally

October 24, 2017

8 months ago

Collector of Bally machines of the 70's. All with Dave Christensen artwork, several for sale.

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7 months ago
I was once on a mission to own all of the DC artwork pins. I gave it up after paying more than I was used paying for a Captain Fantastic, I found I didn't like the game play. Apologies to CF fans but the flipper arrangement punishes those of us who like to catch the ball and take aim. I still love his artwork but money and space meant concentrating games I liked playing.
5 months ago
Agreed @dcannan, CF is fun to look at but not much play-wise
5 months ago
Never played it. Looks cool though. Be nice to do a remake of it with Elton John's tunes playing.

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