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4 months ago
Great nostalgia game. Who can't love Arnie.
4 months ago
I get the allure of the price point but this does not play like a real pinball machine. I know they often say these are good for kids but my advice is to save up for a real pinball machine.

Plus fixing these is a challenge a real challenge due to lack of parts.
4 months ago
Spectacular Art. Great sound effects call outs. I think this game the best of its generation (yes - better than fathom :) !!!)

Simple gameplay but you always come back for more.
4 months ago
This game really keeps you coming back for more. The music and call outs are great. The theme/art is great.

This is definitely one of the best games of the era.
10 months ago
The flow in this game is great. That ball gets moving and there is nothing like the feeling of timing your shots perfectly.