Pinball: love at first play

Written by Jman44 on April 16th, 2012.


Pinball: love at first play

Written by Jman44, published April 16th, 2012. 1 comment(s).

Heres a little how I got into this hobby *cough*addiction*cough*. I grew interested in vids many years ago but could never afford multiple machines. I decided to build a homemade Mame machine from some free plywood, in the end I had a crude but working Mame arcade cabinet. Since then my interest for all things arcade related grew. Fast forward to this year and I picked up a few machines off of CL. Started with a Gauntlet Legends in almost brand new condition, next came a DE The Simpsons pinball machine. I probably over paid a bit on The Simpsons because I didn't (still don't) know a lot about pinballs. Time went by and only a couple weeks later I came across a awesome deal on a DE Jurassic Park pinball.  Who knows whats next, but im thinking more pins!


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    RWH commented on April 17, 2012 02:00:17

    Pins are like gremlins they just seem to keep multiplying and multiplying!!!!

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