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87 days ago
Okay. I hate hate hate the stupid kickback. It's hard enough, but the flipper is disabled too? Come on. The orb shot is a sucker shot too. I have yet to understand the different modes. Do they time out? Do you have to complete them in one go? Just tell me how many shots I have left, don't give me a gauge with tiny markings I have to decipher. I do like groot. The game is heavily dependent on the right scoop shot. It's so confusing, and I'm a smart guy.
87 days ago
Ramps are the smoothest I have ever played upon. I like the layout, it just seems a bit simple compared to modern games. The game is fun. I'm not sure how to make major points. There are no cheap drains. It's just a little outdated, but I still like to play it.
87 days ago
This is an absolutely great game. While lighting the modes can be a bit repetitive, shooting them is great. Want a challenge? How about 100 bear kicks? Don't want to do modes? Shoot for multi-ball. Don't like a particular mode? Time it out. The only two annoying things about this game is the stupid magnet and the top left of the playfield, which is wasted space. Cole said he would buy me one someday.
87 days ago
I love me some Iron Maiden. There are very many shots to shoot. The most frustrating is the left ramp through the pops and for goodness sake, be careful shooting the loops. There is so much to do I don't think I will ever get to the end of the game. I plan on leaving this machine to my kids -- high score gets to keep it.
87 days ago
I like a lot of things about this pin. The shots are satisfying. The left ramp is a bit close to the flippers. The Katana shot is difficult and rattles instead of going all the way up the ramp. I like to see the ball all the time, so it makes me feel bad when it disappears around the scoop. The drops for Lil' Deadpool is a death trap. It's a lot of fun and the ball times can be long, as there is a narrow gap between the flippers.
88 days ago
Left ramp from top flipper is awful, leading to lots of drains down the right outlane. I hate when incompleted ramps lead SDTM, which does happen from the middle ramp. Overall, the shots are satisfying. As always, the left loop is hard to hit from the upper flipper. The set-trap targets are hard to hit when the jeep/newton does not swing freely back and forth.
88 days ago
Drop targets are death. The ball comes at you really fast and at a bad angle, SDTM. The ramps are really smooth and a joy to hit. There is a lot of space hidden behind the drops/ramp where you cannot see the ball, including the area where the pops are. Feeds from the scoop are confusing. I still like to play it and come back again and again.