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4 months ago
Have had this in my collection for over 3 months now, and have played a ton of games. Really, this is one of the most amazing recent games. Between the premise (rid Elvira's house of ghosts of B movies), the rules, artwork, shots, and overall fun factor it is a legit 10/10. Difficult to master, but shots are forgiving, and there is a ton to do. Lyman was the master coder/ruleset guy, and it is sad this was his last game. However, he left us with such a gift!

Artwork on the playfield and backglass is filled with so many things, it is a masterpiece. My favorite cabinet artwork is the Premium.
2 years ago
As a huge Halloween/John Carpenter fan I was a Day 1 pre-order for this pin. Fast forward 8 months later, and I was finally able to get a CE in my house. The machine is an absolute work of art. The cabinet artwork using art from Jason Edminston is a home run. Most people give the cabinet and backbox huge compliments; however, the playfield is equally as awesome. I am still finding little hints of things from the movies that they included in the playfield art. Amazing in every way.

Gameplay...this game just pulls you in to the movie itself. Spooky did a wonderful job of paying tribute to the assets, the music, etc all while making you feel that you are in the Halloween 78 universe while playing. The custom music done compliments the movie score so well. You can tell that this license was/is a labor of love for Spooky....this machine will never leave my collection. Code updates are bringing this game up the rankings, and I know Spooky will not leave it unfinished. Don't believe the pre-order haters. If you love this movie, you WILL LOVE THE PINBALL MACHINE.
2 years ago
EDIT: after owning the game it just got repetitive over time. Revised rating here. Low scoring is a drag; add a zero to the scores and it would feel more satisfying. Not sure why that bugs me! Lol

Unbelievable total package…Guns N Roses LE is an amazing game. Every detail you could think of for this theme was integrated into the artwork, gameplay, and rules. People complain about the lack of cool mechs, but IMO a lot of times those complicated mechs are more headaches and flow killers. This game immerses you in the experience of seeing a Guns n Roses show. Rules for days = a lot of ways to tackle this one. Love the way the game shoots, the way it flows, and its a stunning art package.
2 years ago
This game definitely has 'it'. What is 'it' you ask? That feeling that you have to hit the Start button one more time because you are just fully immersed in the world created under the glass. Love this game so much because of the artwork, interesting rules, fun shots, and overall creepiness that was created by Spooky. Music tracks fit the modes perfectly, and don't follow the typical Stern recipe for music pins of showcasing the artist's greatest hits. If you like sci-fi, monster, and heavy metal this is the game for you. Those complaints about tight shots are overblown in my opinion. I sold Munsters Premium to get this game, and would do that deal again 1000x over. I love it; wife loves it; kids love it. 'Nuff said!
2 years ago
Updated review: Premium is awesome as I feel the projector adds a lot to the experience. However the TK lock takes a lot of joy away from the game. Despite all the dialing in, the new ramp cover, etc you do to dial in the shot at the end of the day the mech is dependant on a clean shot - period. Super cool to see those balls lock on the backboard. Super frustrating it doesnt work 100% of the time. And once you see it not work it makes you question shooting the left ramp at all. UV kit is very awesome, and well integrated.
12 years ago
Love this game; have only had the pleasure of playing this at Expo. Wish I could afford one, but someday it will be in my collection. College fund be damned! In all seriousness, this is a great machine - theme, shots, toys..it has it all.
12 years ago
AFM is just a fantastic theme, and fun game to play. Jumping martians, strobe multiball, and the center target all make this easy to play, but difficult to master. I have yet to defeat Mars; have gotten close a couple of times. This is a machine that keeps you coming back for more and more. Worthy of it's Top 3 rating.

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