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7 years ago
Bally went and made a nearly perfect game, with two fatal flaws:

1. The spider wheel. Cool trick at first but I'm not really a fan of anything that stops game play that often for that long.

2. It's too easy. The code would be incredible if the game was tough as nails. But it's not, so SS gets boring fairly quickly.

Had a blast with it while it was here though, and pretty sure it's my wife's all-time favorite pin...that's worth something.
7 years ago
Had this one for a few months on a temporary trade with a friend. Good flow, beautiful art package. But game play is what it's all about, and Theatre lacks in that department...I was pretty bored with it a few dozen plays in but kept trying to find the "magic" so I played a couple hundred more times. It's not there.
9 years ago
Reading through prior reviews makes me feel like I am in some kind of bizarro world. Acdc pro is OUTSTANDING. I have played most of the top rated pins, many of the rest....in terms of speed and adrenaline acdc has no equal.

If you are a stop & go kind of player then sure, you probably won't like acdc. But I think a good # of these reviews are coming from folks that got their ass handed to them and walked away frustrated.

It should be noted that I removed the spring and have the bell mod on mine which greatly improves playability.
10 years ago
It's too bad...this could have been one of the greats. Poor design causes the ball to drain in the left outlane out of the ball lock. Sure, they did put a ball save in there to give you the ball back but it ends "roof" mode (among others) and is extremely annoying.

The playfield is great, the music is outstanding...but they really didn't do a good job with the finishing touches that could have made this SO much better (*cough* wizard mode! *cough*). Can't say I really understand the playfield slot machine either, that feels like more of a gimmick than something that adds to gameplay.

Probably sounding a bit harsh so to clarify - this is a very good pin, easily better than it's current #84 rank. But it's easy to recognize where it could have been better so it feels more disappointing than it probably should.
10 years ago
Good little game that I'll play whenever I run across one. But for the home? The saucer shots are next to impossible to hit on purpose, so you find yourself going back and forth on the ramps almost exclusively...it gets old pretty fast. I still like it better than RFM, but I'd be solidly in the minority with that opinion.
10 years ago
First the bad - in many cases Data East's have a "cheap" feel to them and this is one of those. But another one of my favorite pins - Maverick - feels the same way so I try not to let that get in the way of enjoying a good pin. The first few games felt awkward but once I settled in it's a great little game. Probably my pick for most underrated since it currently resides at #185 and I feel it is deserving of a spot 100 points higher.

Great playfield layout, good rule set, great sound with the choice of 3 songs to enjoy while you play. The complaints about the overuse of "ok ok ok" are valid but exaggerated. I do wish you could hit both flipper buttons to skip the video clips but they aren't overly long. Uses the same layout as T2 but (turn back if you are a T2 fan) LW3 does a much better job with it. Whatever that force is that makes you push start again and again...LW3 has it.
10 years ago
This is one that I think the theme pulls it from being a not so great game to a pretty fun one. All in all it's kind of "meh"...I enjoy playing it but it lacks that invisible force that calls me back again and again.
10 years ago
The playfield and a couple of shots are similar to Taxi but I don't really think they are all that much alike as I have heard from so many. Had them side by side in the collection for a little while...Diner is by far the better looking game (one of the best looking games ever) but Taxi mops up in gameplay. All in all a good game that holds it's own but it's a B list game even by System 11 standards. Currently sits at #74 in the rankings and I think that's pretty much the perfect place for it.
10 years ago
Best audio of all time IMO, I never even played Pinbot in the arcades but it brings me right back there. One ramp, bang away at the visor, an entire half of the playfield seldom used...it seems so simple and mundane...but something else is there and it's nothing short of greatness. Deserving of a top 10 rank if you ask me. Pinbot is the machine that made me realize there were GREAT games made before 1990.
10 years ago
If I am ranking on gameplay and fun factor alone this is a top 10 pin. Simple but very addicting.

The bell was novel at first but it wasn't 2 days before that thing drove me nuts...it's a better home game with it turned off, but I do turn it back on when friends are over.
10 years ago
Maybe I just don't get it, but T2 is plain boring. The simple ruleset of a System 11 with none of the greatness. Whatever it is that feeds my pinball addiction, that force that makes me press that start button just one more time (and one more, and one more)...it's not here. I can't explain what is even wrong with it...I just don't care to play it again.
11 years ago
Weak, weak effort by Sega on this one. Love the movie, I actually sought this one out for quite awhile....I shouldn't have bothered. Had it for a month, played probably 50 games on it and don't care to ever play it again. There are those that will rag on Sega's in general, I am not one of those as the only other one I have played is Frankenstein and I love it. Independence Day is not good pinball...
12 years ago
There are some really fun Data Easts out there...Star Wars is not one of them. WAY too slow with all the stopping for animations that you can't skip. Good looking pin but it's just boring compared to, you know, other pins.
13 years ago
Great game here. I don't know how cool I really think Frank chucking the ball at you is, but the game itself is a riot. Good software and layout keeps you shooting all over the field. If your Sega bias keeps you from trying this one you are missing out on some great pinball. MSF should be a top 20 game in my opinion...
13 years ago
For one month I was sure this was pretty close to the greatest pin I had ever played...it's very addicting and great fun bashing away at the crane. 6 months later and I am hauling it out the door. Play this on location and you'll love it. Bring it home and you'll bore with it very soon...
13 years ago
This is a fun one, if you can handle the theme. Striker (the dog) seems out of place at first but after awhile you realize it just wouldn't be the same without him. The goalie and the announcer yelling "gggggooooooooaaaaaallllllllll!!!!" gets the kids excited more than any other pin I have owned. Well thought out ruleset to go along with a really good use of a sports theme. I eventually bored of it and traded it out but still feel like WCS94 is deserving of a permanent ranking in the 20-30 range (currently underrated at #46).
13 years ago
Very good pin, but if you are good enough to somewhat master it every game starts to feel the same...it feels linear even though it really isn't. Loved it while I owned it, but wasn't sad to see it go.
13 years ago
It's too bad the "collectors" know what a great pin this is...pretty much ensures I'll never have a chance to have AFM for a stay in my gameroom. It just kills me to know how many of these are sitting in someone's basement, played only a few times a month if that. Maybe some day they'll get tired of admiring it but until then this remains #1 on my "unobtanium" list.
13 years ago
Good game but I can't say I agree with the value or the #1 rank. I have played a good number of pins that didn't command anywhere near those prices that I enjoyed just as much or more. It's a 300lb trophy if you ask me...
13 years ago
Ramp, ramp, ramp, ramp, ramp, ramp, ramp, ramp, ramp and then ramp some more. The rotating ramp is one of the coolest toys ever designed, one of the greatest sound bytes (nice coconuts!) and a great theme but seriously...what a turd. There is nothing to shoot at of any value whatsoever other than the ramp. Really fun to play a few times but don't make the mistake of bringing this one home if you actually plan to play the thing. It will be popular with the guests but will bore you to tears. Worst. DMD. Pin. Ever.
13 years ago
An all around great game, ranks right up there with the best ever...I think it's deserving of a top 3 slot. If there is a better software/ruleset package out there I haven't played it yet.
13 years ago
Maverick has a small list of flaws/things that could have been better, but this one is vastly underrated. It's not often that I keep a pin for longer than a year but this one's at 2.5 years and counting.

It's a shooters pin...most of the point values come from being able to hit the proper bank of drop targets. You have to have great aim and impeccable ball control (and some good luck) to reach the Poker Championship because of the built in randomness of ricocheting off of the drop targets. Yes, it's a Data East. Yes, like some other DE's it kind of has a "cheap" or "toy-like" feel to it at first. And no, this one isn't going to "flow" like some of the others. But give this one a legitimate chance...it's just good pinball fun.
13 years ago
GREAT pure pinball but you may need anger management classes after this one. 6 billion one game, 10 million the next...it's friggin' infuriating. I have a love/hate relationship with BSD, everyone else in my house just hated it so it didn't last long. I'll play this one every chance I get though. 30 mmmmiiiillllllliiiiiiooooooonnnnnn!!!
13 years ago
T-rex and the raptor kickback make the game. Feels very similar to Addams Family though (which I happened to own at the same time) and not remotely that good, so JP loses points there. All in all a fun, but not great, pinball that I enjoyed very much for the time I owned it.
13 years ago
Data Easts finest effort. Mode based pin along the lines of Addams Family, not quite as universally appealing though. If you don't find the Cryptkeeper annoying you are going to love this one.
13 years ago
The pin that started it all for me. Only one I have owned and sold that I might go to the trouble to acquire again someday. The gold standard for mode based pins in my opinion. Should easily retain a lower-top-ten ranking for as long as rankings exist.